No company has the resources to cater for every customer in every market. Facing the possibility that such a shift might spread, the company realized it required a more needs-based approach to customer segmentation. Problem Diagnosis case studies. The case study is about a successful strategy formulated at Dow Corning for marketing commodity silicones, a chemical used in diverse applications. Notify me of new comments via email.

I have no association with or interest in either Xiameter or Dow Corning, nor do I have first-hand knowledge of their business models and thier success. With the BMC, you can apply design thinking to the innovation of a business model. Tim Kastelle Menu Skip to content. What does the main character have to do? Analysis of Quantitative Research the.

It does not have to be a zero sum game. The purpose of is to build a map of information that the case contains. This site uses cookies. All products consist of three levels, the most basic core product, which is the problem solving benefit the consumer seeking.

Your market may be turning into a commodity as the silicon market was xiqmeter Dow Corning. They can always fulfill their value promises; its price must remain consistent with the value of the brand and keep strong relationships. Interestingly, Xiameter seems to have had an effect back on the core business model, according to the article.

Let my know if you ever have any further questions about our story. Logically, if Xiameter and Dow Corning use the same factories, producing similar products, utilizing the same raw material, the cost of manufacturing will be reduced. Consequently, all of their innovation efforts were put into sustaining this market-leading position. In the next section of the article we will provide greater details regarding various types of business case studies. High levels of recurring. This is where it helps to be big.


One question is whether Western HQ companies can ever caae the lowest cost structure for a commodity business.

Everything else except sales and marketing — in other words manufacturing, governance, sustainability and C-level management resources — is shared by the two brands. Dow Corning was a pioneer producing fit for purpose market leading products. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The factors and decisions that shape the business model and strategy is depict in the soluyion Political In all chemical manufacturing soltion there are the challenges of environmental regulations as specified by the authorities, Dow Corning was no exception.

This evidently, resulted in higher product sales and a stronger positioning, and a greater market share within each market segment. Notify me of new comments via email. Tim Kastelle Student and teacher of innovation – University of Queensland Business School – links to academic papers, twitter, and so on can be found here. One is that Xiameter achieves its lowest total cost position by taking advantage of resources within Dow Corning, and this can have negative impacts on incentives within the parent firm.

Case Study From Harvard Business. Thanks for sharing Tim. For all good leaders you need to exercise judgment based on material and deliverables.

Product line managers oversee product category platforms, determining where products are in the life cycle and deciding which products fall under which brands, all with an eye to balancing capacity and brand mix to maximize overall profitability.


As a business executive you should be comfortable with ambiguity of the situation and absence of a perfect solution.

Xiameter by Emily Mannix on Prezi

They have been a market leader in the silicon industry since its inception — and their strategy was built around providing the best possible product. The innovation and R;D must definitely proceed, to produce high quality products. Asad, the real issue here is we do not know what would have happened to revenue and profits absent the new business model.

xiameter case study solution

Talk about the Xiameter Bundling case study effectively in class and present the recommendations based on vase only provided in the case study. There is also the threat that competitors will very soon catch on to web-based offering that was pioneered by Dow Corning.

Xiameter Case Study: Adding Business Model Innovation

You need to focus on key tasks that allow you to put pieces together in a meaningful pattern, which in turn will give you a better understanding of the main issue and put xiameteg in a position to make impactful recommendations.

Here is how Jeffrey describes the advent of Xiameter:. Each has its own unique objective. Would you like to get a custom case study? Overshooting is one studj the first signs of a market ready for disruption.

xiameter case study solution