When requesting this certificate e. You can use the online database www. Both examiners must be professors or private university lecturers PD. The doctoral board will verify whether all admission requirements are met. You will also need a valid ZIH user account to login to Promovendus. Website search Reset Search. To support you in your doctoral candidacy to successfully graduate as Doctor of Philosophy Dr.

After you have made a decision on how to publish, please ask at your faculty about the according guidelines. Website search Reset Search. On this web-site you will find all important information for this endeavour. What does that mean? Regulations and committees Doctorate regulations German Guidelines for Publication-based Dissertations German Academic study regulations for doctoral studies in Computer Science German Regulations for processing of personal data during the doctorate at TU Dresden German Members of the doctoral board. If you completed one of your studies outside Germany, your documents are sent to the International Office of the TU Dresden to verify the equivalence of your degree. The dissertation as well as the defense of dissertation can be in the German or English.

A doctorate Promotion in German, from the Latin promotio, or promotion is the award of the academic title of doctor in a particular field of study in the form of a doctoral certificate.

In doctoral studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences the skills and knowledge of the students are intensified with the aim of providing versatile personal development as well as purposeful skill training for young researchers; at that the doctoral plan is supported and the doctoral candidates will be given opportunities for further development. The doctoral board will define these requirements and inform the doctoral candidate together with the confirmation of acceptance.


Doctorate Studies — Faculty of Computer Science — TU Dresden

What can I do? You can find all further details in dresdden doctorate regulations German. Skip to main navigation. For the acceptance as a doctoral candidate, you need to hand in certified copies and, if applicable, certified translations of your graduation certificates and subject and grades overview.

Show map of this location. Please note that for matriculating you are required to register online at the application portal of TU Dresden.

Doctorate Studies

At least one of the subjects must be provided at the faculty. You can use a prepared Summary table Evidence of achievements during the doctoral studies for that. Promovendus will generate an application document for you, which you will have to hand in to the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering through.

tu dresden slub dissertation

Take up a third subject that finishes in an examination. Skip to secondary navigation. Universities and in Germany equivalent institutions have the right to award the didsertation. Website search Reset Search. The acquisition of foreign languages also falls to this category. To apply for enrolment, please use the website of the admission office. Skip to secondary navigation.

Dou ble -side d printing is allowed. You can find further information on the web pages of the admission office.

tu dresden slub dissertation

We are happy that you plan to do your doctorate at the Disserttation of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The documents issued by TU Dresden can be certified at the university: Otherwise, enrolment is voluntary.


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If you do not have a ZIH login yet, you can file an application for a guest loginwhich your supervisor has to sign. I have participated in Doctorate Studies at the School of Science and have met all requirements.

tu dresden slub dissertation

If you completed one of your studies outside Germany, your documents are sent to the International Office of the TU Dresden to verify the equivalence of your fissertation. The doctoral studies at the School of Science must be completed with both specialist subject exams before submitting the application for opening the doctoral proceedings which must be completed prior to the submission of the dissertation.

You must present a confirmation of enrolment within 3 months after acceptance as a doctoral candidate. Promovendus For all formal actions involved with doctorate procedures e.

No, it would be too late. Otherwise, enrolment is voluntary.

After having successfully completed the doctorate proceedings, the doctoral candidate is obliged to make the dissertation available for the general scientific public. Unfortunately, the marks achieved in the two specialist study subjects do not meet my expectations. The corresponding confirmation must be submitted to the doctoral office. Recommendation of the TU Dresden The TU Dresden has passed a Ddresden on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work accessible to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Qucosa.