Also begin to construct your compare or contrast paragraph about Roman Government vs. Tying in with the Heroic Age is Eros. Students will discuss Eros and create a greeting or poem to celebrate his day. Finally, they will work on the map of Greece and surrounding area. Students will post their Greek god paragraph poster in the MPR, and then go around reading others students posters and taking notes about the Greek gods. They then will be given an commission to create a Roman Coin for one of the many emperors of Rome. Students will have a Q and A session about the unit exam.

If time remains they will begin to color and label the map of Rome. Bonus question for this week is due today: Friday, October 19th — Pop quiz on map and read and annotate notes on your position in society. Thursday, October 19th- Finish Hieroglyphics, then play role of the die to decided which level of society each member of your nome will become. Meet in the gym, at 8: Then, play roll your role, to find out what position you will have in the manor society. Greek gods and Oracles, 4.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on January 2nd flagstaf Finally, here is an opportunity for a red ticket or 1 point extra credit. Students will read and take Cornell notes about the structure of government for homewotk Roman Republic.

Students will also receive an outline of a manat Egyptian Collar. Students will take an exam over China. If it’s sunny and beautiful, consider a hike or a mountain bike ride on one of the hundreds of trails in the area. Using different colored pens students will edit two of their classmates paragraphs.


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Extra Credit bring to class on Thursday on a post-it note the type of government that is currently in place in Egypt and their leaders name and title. Then, they will randomly draw one of ten dynasties on China. Then they will make np hypothesis about what actually caused the downfall of Rome. Please make sure your research on your dynasty is with you and finished on Tuesday. Flagstatf tomorrow January 3rd is a two hour late start.

Homework- Summarize Cornell notes on the Assyrians and work on mini-mesa project.

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While role playing in this interview, students will ask questions and receive answers from students playing different parts and learn about Hinduism.

The will read, discuss and create a three-dimensional hkmework. If you’re visiting any time when the weather is warm, you’ll likely find locals partaking in one of these three things if not all at the same time.

We will complete a minute presentation about each country in class. Students will take bullet notes on these famous people, and then try to guess who this person is before the reveal at the bottom of the poster.

Homework now pa : Baltimore School of The Bible

Then, they will continue to take notes from the power-point on Flasgtaff. Finally, students will write facts about this famous Greek. Acker by Friday, February 8th for e.

npa flagstaff homework now

If you have your mini-meso project complete turn it in and present on it today for extra credit. Angry obama do your homework help with our teacher communication with your np now sprays dad learned english language and online form. Wednesday, March 1st-Students will argue their side of the proposition against another city-state.


Then, rotating again and taking notes on the Persians.

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She works well with others and gives her best effort to achieve her goals. Students will examine facts of Medieval Europe as well as the Renaissance.

Go to the British Museum website and pull up the ancient Greece section, and go to the gods and goddess. I saw several skits, poems, songs and even a horn performance to introduce the Nome. Then discuss Hinduism flagstafv take notes on some of the deities of Hindu.

They will also discover that time zones are a relatively new concept. This section is geared towards the little nps that might make your trip a little more convenient if you’re traveling with special requirements.

Students will take a short map quiz of Asia. Fall weather brings around the glowing aspen and oak leaves with day temperatures in the mids and lows in the 30s. Then, students will brainstorm and discuss in a large group what should be included in a classroom constitution.