Equipment Equipment included heparinized syringe, glassware, Cecil HPLC system comprised of CE high performance variable wavelength monitor and CEII00 liquid chromatography pump, high-resolution gas chromatography HRGC , and UV detector with variable wavelength and stainless steel column C18 Reverse phase packed with Octasilica, vacuum pump, and ultrasonic check. The main medical component inside was determined to be hydroxycitric acid HCA. At the end of the 28 days, the fish were removed from aquaria and immediately anesthetized with MS ethyl 3-aminobenzoate methanesulfonate salt, Sigma. Blood Cells Determination The whole blood was used for the estimation of the blood count. Higher doses were less effective in reducing lipid levels in serum and tissues, although devoid of toxic effects.

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum nonselective systemic herbicide, registered for use on many food and nonfood crops as well as noncrop areas where total vegetation control is desired. Twenty four adult Wistar rats weighing between g, randomly assigned into four groups of six each Groups A, B, C, D were used for this research. The changes observed in glyphosate formulation alone were reversible when G. The Murmansk and Archangelsk regions located in northwestern Russia have accumulated large quantities of radioactive waste products from nuclear power plants, military ships submarines, aircraft carriers and cruisers , ice breakers and light ships of the Murmansk Merchant Marines. While molecular variation in the cytochrome b analysis was no substantial among individuals, the combined analysis was important for demonstrating that there is no evidence for differentiation of the putative sample P. This is the first report for the molecular based genetic diversity studies for these accessions.

The layered intrusions of the Fedorovo-Pansky and Monchegorsk complexes about 2.

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The obtained results confirm the insignificant levels of contamination of bottom sediments of some trace elements. Below m, strongly mineralized, stagnant, juvenile or metamorphogenic waters are found. Information about military nuclear waste problems in the counties of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk has become literafure on an unprecedented scale since the end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Poor or no antioxidant activity has been implicated in the aetiology of various pathologies. About nuclear submarines will have to be disposed of in the coming years. This novel dietary lipid adsorbing gxrcinia of GF exhibited prevention of hyperlipidemia induced by In in the rat. Full Text Available The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence and pattern of Kola nut use among secondary school students in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.

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Efficiency of remediation of technogenic barrens around the Pechenganikel works in the Kola Subarctic. Studies on the kola nut weevil, Balanogastris kolae Desbr. This reduction in price between garinia and wholesaler was to make up for the cost of. In a practical part of this thesis are these terms applied on my company.

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Norway has since participated in joint projects with Russia to improve nuclear safety at the Kola and Leningrad nuclear power plant. On the basis of haematological studies, it would be possible to predict the physiological state of fish in natural water bodies [ 50 ]. Full Text Literatture About literatute analyzes of garnet, amphibole and pyroxene crystals from selected samples of amphibolite and granulite rocks from Lapland Granulite Belt in Kandalaksha region Kola Peninsula has been made.

Previous investigations of endophytic fungi from G. Haematological indices are usually altered during diseases or malnutrition conditions, are very sensitive to various environmental factors and chemicals, and can provide substantial diagnostic information [ 49 ].

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Parameters related to seed germination and seedlings vigour was evaluated. Samples were collected, for instance, of reindeer meat, lichen and the bottom sediment of Lovozero lake. Kola nut use was associated with lower age group, poor school attendance, polygamous background, low education of mother, high education of father and the description of mother as being too permissive.

Originally in the project of applications of new fuel it was supposed to refuel annually 78 fresh assemblies. Full Text Available Some reasons for the choice of directions for using electric and thermal energy of the Kola nuclear power plant located beyond the Arctic Circle have been presented.


Garcinia Kola Seeds: Is the Aqueous Extract a True Aphrodisiac in Male Wistar Rats?

Ability of g-radiation is well established to eliminate such species and it could be used to protect the quality of liteature product. The smooth, coriaceous skin consists of the lignified exocarp. It contains recordings of microbaromes, industrial and military explosions, airplane shock waves, infrasound of airplanes, thunders, rocket launches and reentries, bolides etc.

Full Text Available Collective action has been used as a strategy to improve the benefits of smallholder producers of kola nuts in Cameroon. Presently at IMEF shock test, tension test, dimension measurement test, hardness test, density test, and composition analysis test will be subject to Kolas. View at Google Scholar S. This may affect the weight and size of the fish thereby reducing their market values.

The anatomical changes in the roots of the flooded plants were thickening of the exodermis in the ilterature root and of the pericycle in the lateral roots, and a large increase in the amount of aerenchyma. The signals have been used for testing our location routines. After this period the animals were sacrificed by intraperitoneal injection of pentobarbitone.

It is noteworthy that the new compound can promote CNE-2 cells apoptosis in late stage, having a remarkable inhibition effect on the side population growth of CNE-2 at 1. Main research program tasks included analysis of mechanical properties, corrosion stability, and microstructural properties. During this process the thyroid gland and the. Despite demonstrated benefits, not all producers are involved in the collective action.