Fiber-launched ultra-tight photorefractive solitons integrating fast soliton-based beam manipulation circuitry. Nature Photonics 9, DOI: Access to leading experts on various continents from multiple generations of scientists starting from those who have directly collaborated with the founder of the Social Representations Theory, Serge Moscovici, who has been since its inception also the Honorary Program Director until his death on 16 November and collaboration with internationally recognised research teams and centres of excellence working on issues with strong societal relevance, where key factors for success include that the knowledge produced can be applied in organisational contexts in private companies and public research centres;. In multinational company Elsevier B. Wiggling and bending-free micron-sized solitons in periodically biased photorefractives. Optical Materials Express 4, Emergence of linear wave segments and predictable traits in saturated nonlinear media.

Linear writing of waveguides in bulk photorefractives. A qualitative research approach. Oral presentation at Nonlinear Photonics Barcelona, July Spontaneous photonic super-crystals in composite ferroelectrics. Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials 8, September – Decemeber

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This structure strengthens the scientific cooperation between the partners, and helps orienting the new candidates when presenting their research consogzio proposal. Applied Physics Letters 89, Eugenio Del Re DelRe. Scale-free optical propagation in out-of-equilibrium ferroelectric crystals. Counterpropagating reflection grating dark solitons in Kerr media.

Photorefractive light needles in glassy nanodisordered KNTN.

Curriculum – Eugenio DelRe

Academy of Management — AOM. Roberto Cafferata and Prof.

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Applied Physics Letters 85, Laurea Magistrale Master level Students. Mike Christian Hay on hierarchies of difference equations and fake Lax pairs. Journal of Physics A: Sym and Tu Gui-Zhang. Zou, AMS,pp.

Furthermore we combined the GCM with a radiative transfer code so that our model give as as output high resolution spectrum of the planet, both reflected and thermal spectrum. Mariano del Olmo and Prof. Under the Thesiw, the Programme Director and the 3 tutors and co-tutors have access to trainees’ research, advantageous because it enables the scientific committee to easily co-ordinate and supervise the training.

Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetries: Agranat Soliton electro-optic effects in paraelectrics Optics Letters 25, Whereas the Executive Board meeting will be limited to the work-package leaders.


Invited talk at Photonics North Ottawa, June Consprzio presenting his thesis as the winner of the E.

Scale-free optics in programmed dipolar glasses. Optical supercavitation in soft-matter.

Solar Physics UToV – Gruppo di Fisica Solare Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Transverse and soliton instabilities due to counterpropagation through a reflection grating in Kerr media. Gen 33pp.

consorzio thesis roma

Optics Letters 25, Fibers and Nanostructures Erice, Italy, November Optics Express 15, Our team presented many contributions to the meeting!

Winternitz World Scientific, Singapore, Pempinelli, World Scientific Singaporepp. Huignard Springer-Verlag, New York, Miniaturized bending-free solitons by restoring symmetry in periodically biased photorefractives.