Inappropriate Behavior and Meaningful Interventions and Consequences — while this chapter originates from the current Policy — Student Code of Conduct, Section 7 Violations of the Student Code of Conduct, it has been changed as follows: Accept consequences for inappropriate behavior Engage in turn-taking with peers Smile when encountering acquaintances Express empathy for others. A student will not deliberately conceal or misrepresent the truth, deceive another or cause another to be deceived by false or misleading information. When a student is excluded from a classroom or a school bus two times in one semester, and after exhausting all reasonable methods of classroom discipline provided in the school discipline plan, the student may be readmitted to the classroom or the school bus only after the principal, teacher and, if possible, the parent s , guardian s or custodian s of the student have held a conference to discuss the student’s disruptive behavior patterns, and the teacher and the principal agree on a course of discipline for the student and inform the parent s , guardian s or custodian s of the course of action. A student will not possess any object fashioned to imitate or look like a weapon. Each school shall create a comprehensive crisis response plan with necessary safeguards to protect information contained in each response plan that may be considered protected critical infrastructure information, law enforcement sensitive information or for official use only.

Answer questions asked by the teacher with eye contact Respond appropriately to re-direction Help peers when asked Follow verbal directions. Explain why acts that hurt others are wrong. A student remains under suspension until after the hearing in any case where a postponement occurs. Subject to WVBE Policy — Communicable Disease Control , the school administrator or school nurse shall exclude from the school any student known to have or suspected of having any infectious disease, or any student who has been exposed to any infectious disease. The program shall be comprehensive, interdisciplinary and shall begin in elementary school.

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Individual students have the right to practice their own religion in a manner that does not interfere with the orderly conduct of classes and may form student groups with a religious focus that meet after school. Generate alternative solutions and evaluate their consequences for a range of academic and social situations. Concerns with out-of-school suspension absences not counting for truancy: In addition, those portions of a school’s access safety plan may be used as a portion of the school specific crisis response plan if there are any overlapping requirements.


School and Community Social Skills Standards. The self-awareness and self-management standard promotes the development of self- esteem and identification of emotions leading to student self-efficacy to express themselves in constructive ways. For the purposes of this manual, an alternative education program is a temporary authorized departure from the regular school program designed to provide educational and social development for students whose disruptive behavior places them at risk of not succeeding in the traditional school structures and in adult life without positive interventions.

At any hearing before a county board, the student may be represented by counsel, may call his or her own witnesses to verify his or her version of the incident and may confront and cross-examine witnesses supporting the charge against him or her.

Training and Technical Assistance: Interpersonal skills involve cooperating, communicating respectfully and constructively resolving conflicts with others. Establish a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying using a process that includes representation of parents or guardians, school employees, school volunteers, students and community members.

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It is important to select culturally appropriate materials and examples that respect individual differences while at the same time acknowledging and celebrating the cultural diversity of students within the classroom, school, community, state, nation and world.

Identify verbal, physical and situational cues that indicate how others may feel and describe the expressed feelings and perspectives of others. Student Inquiry and Expression Language from this section has been changed to reflect more recent changes in W. The LSIC shall schedule any meeting that involves the issue of student discipline outside the regularly scheduled working hours of any school employee member of the council.

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The purposes of these programs are to: Possessing deadly weapons…; possessing a controlled substance…; assaults and batteries…upon teachers or other school personnel; … sale of narcotic; expulsion; exception; alternative education. Identify goals for academic success and classroom behavior.


Procedures for Reporting Action on Substantiated Incidents.

These include the right to the equal protection of the laws and the right to the privileges and immunities of United States citizenship. A student will not haze or conspire to engage in the hazing of another person.

The following social and homeworrk learning standards, objectives and example behaviors shall be the guide for county boards of education. Identify ways to work and play well with others.

wvde homework policy

Non-curriculum Related Student Groups The consequences listed for each level are intended to be a list of options from which schools can select the appropriate response to incidents of behavior. The crisis response plans must be developed under the following requirements: These expectations apply to students, staff and public guests respectively as noted within the policy. Develop a model policy applicable to grades kindergarten through hoomework and disseminate by September 1, A student will not engage in a physical altercation using blows in an attempt to harm or overpower another person or persons.

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Each county board seeking funds for school access safety projects during a fiscal year shall submit to the School Building Authority SBA a school access safety plan or annual plan update that addresses the school access safety needs of each school facility in the county. Level 1 Inappropriate Hlmework A student will not orally, in writing, electronically, or with photographs or drawings, use profanity in general context not directed toward any individual or group. Adopt the policy and submit a copy to the state superintendent of schools by December 1, Identify the positive and negative consequences that link to various decisions.

Demonstrate control of impulsive behavior.

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