See the department website for more information about completing a prokect. Effective Fall of , no psychology course taken at another U. It is an integrated treatment of the scientific basis of the field, and its content is assumed, but not duplicated, in the other psychology courses. Because Psychology is such a diverse discipline, majors are required to distribute their core courses across three content areas in order to guarantee broad coverage. Courses below the level will not count towards the major. Such courses are very challenging and may include extensive readings. Dan Swingley, Director of Undergraduate Studies dus psych.

See the department website for detailed information about Advanced Registration. All psychology majors are required to complete one semester of empirical research. In order for a course to be approved, you will need to provide a course syllabus not just the description which contains a week by week listing of topics and readings, the name of the textbook, the mode of evaluation of your work in the course, and the number of hours that the course meets. This policy applies to all undergraduate students. The seminars are deliberately held to small enrollments and usually involve considerable class discussion, reading in original sources, and writing of original papers.

Such first-hand experience is essential to a sound education in psychology. They may complete an independent study PSYC doing empirical research. The Psychology Department encourages its students to take advantage of the fact upnn Penn has an outstanding graduate and research community. Students interested in advanced training in clinical psychology would benefit from some clinical experience obtained as an extracurricular activity either during the year or in the summer.


Students wishing to be considered for the Morris Viteles prize must also deliver a 15 minute oral presentation at the end of the Spring term. Admission to Seminars and Research Experience Courses. Students may also find the following suggestions helpful in planning.

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While additional seminars are not required for the major, any well-conceived program will include them. Likewise, AP waivers or credits issued by other departments e.

Undergraduate Handbook | Psychology

Courses below the level will not count towards the major. The major is designed to provide a coherent and integrated intellectual experience that can serve as a foundation for advanced graduate work or as a basis for training and careers in other fields.

Preparation for Advanced Training. To allow time for preparing the thesis, poster, and talk, students should complete their data collection no later than April 1. Exceptionally qualified undergraduates who have exhausted the undergraduate curriculum may be permitted to take graduate level seminars. Students should also consult the College rules on double-counting when planning their curriculum: To help with this, the Director of Undergraduate Studies provides extended advising hours during the advance registration period each semester.

The declaration of the major involves these steps: Further information uepnn the Department and the field of psychology can be found at our website: All junior Psychology majors are placed on registration hold during Spring Advance Registration. This policy applies to all undergraduate thezis.


Admission to Graduate Level Courses. Your Psychology Major Worksheet must be completed prior to your advising meeting and brought tyesis you to the meeting. Effective Fall ofno psychology course taken at another U.

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Claire Ingulli cingulli psych. The key to admission to many advanced programs is the obtaining of strong letters of recommendation.

Philadelphia, PA Phone: This one-semester course provides initial contact with the facts and basic concepts that underlie the field as a whole. In order to help students plan their programs, we list here a typical schedule of a psychology major. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will be glad to discuss its advantages and drawbacks in the context of your overall program in psychology and future plans for work in the field.

Finally, e a total of 15 cu’s in thsis is required. Rules Governing Registration Holds.

Students can take two semesters of independent study with the same or different advisors. Others in the Departmemt. See the department website for detailed information about Advanced Registration.

upenn bbb thesis

Therefore it invites undergraduates to attend the Departmental Colloquium series.