Firstly, make it really clear what you want students to do with the time and how you want them to do it. Before I introduced ,weil we looked at what they knew of clauses in English and introduced the idea of a main clause and a sub clause. I think there is a place for it, but video selection needs to be carefully done. What other words could you use? Again homework can be targeted to allow for differentiation within the subject area. They started with Homework grids but they were hard to make up for staff and there wasn’t much benefit for the pupils re more doing it, etc. Breaking it into steps is working even for the weakest ones.

Essentially, homes with the greatest cultural capital, typically more affluent and middle class, will just fill the gap with their own family-education as they always have. The only issue I have with these sites is you cannot see which students have done the work! Here is how you could apply this:. I remember marking an oral exam with another teacher and they suggested I listen to the amount of subjunctives and connectives the student was using. You can find an example on the TES here. Prim suggested adapting the above menu to have a points score, a little like Vocabulary Man which is often mentioned on the MFL Resources forum. Why set homeworks that test only one skill??!

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If you are following Mira 2 then you maybe approaching a module on clothes. He has therefore added instructions on the takeaway homework menu not to do a task unless the topic has been covered in class or it is nomework research HW. James stated that there had been mixed feedback although generally good at year 7, but that year 8 more negative.


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Having said that, you might have a low photocopying budget so I would encourage you to create your own or borrow bits from other people and condense it on to a single page. It adds value and reinforces their importance. James Gardner says that electing to do Takeaway Homework whereby pupils choose what they are going to do from a list of options gave him and his department an opportunity to make something meaningful out of something which many schools struggle with.

Before I introduced ,weil we looked at what they knew of clauses in English and introduced the idea of a main clause and a sub clause. The issue now is sorting out the past and present tenses!! If you are snowed under then I would point you in this direction.

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The exercise book is a way of communicating with your students. Higher point scores generally indicate better work…. I see no point in repeating him. Rather than writing the comments then they can be on a sheet. They care about the next piece.

However, we are language teachers and so the homework should be proportional to what we do. I think there is a place for it, but video selection needs to be carefully done. Rachel Hawkes suggests that students should achieve a certain amount of points from taleaway selection of activities to prove they have done their homework, using a variety of different techniques.

For a while we ran with comment only marking and to an extent we still do in that pieces of work are not graded. Gomework are naturally curious and like to learn about the country. This site uses cookies.


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This epiphany came to me at some point in the middle of a lesson! This excellent with the advent of the new GCSE and the greater focus on being able to manipulate language. For all the sessions, there were a lot of takeasay ideas from the audience, and this was no exception.

There are a number of things you can do to maximise DIRT time. This is mainly because Gomework want to see if they can do it outside the classroom without me and also to reinforce the material at a later date. Look, cover, say, write, check can be very effective. I believe Vocabulary Express does allow such things but have yet to try it. Pay attention to his control, his reactions and his speed. The hojework chapter does not reinforce them at all.

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I have been teaching my year 9s the future tense and the conditional. Perhaps suggest a homewoork for their example sentences:. Students can choose depending on the type of chilli chosen how hard the homework task to be completed is.

takeaway homework mfl

What is the purpose of the homework we set? So, take away homework and mfo do we have? In the News Great idea from Science. This door had the X-Ray telescope and an article on antibiotic resistance….