At its core, Janet Airlines is the heart of an entire clandestine defense ecosystem that is spread across the deserts of the American southwest, pumping talent and brain power to some of the most advanced technologies mankind has ever developed. Experts believe the records highlight how shapes of reported UFOs have changed over the last few decades. He informed Van Tassel that his name was Solganda and that he was years old. For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects. He died in April , a wraith, 73 years old. Project Blue Book was the code name for an Air Force program set up in To see this on their website, click here and here.

To watch the profoundly moving documentary “Touched,” featuring Prof. Mitchell on UFOs, click here. Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions “They” Declared Impossible , co-authored with Kathleen Marden, he wrote, “There’s been no shortage of strong, negative proclamations from debunking groups and individuals who refuse to examine the evidence I won’t argue for or against. Once word got out that we were selling these shirts we had a lot of visitors from the state of Washington, Alabama, just all over the United States have actually been in. He informed Van Tassel that his name was Solganda and that he was years old.

The name that Van Tassel gave to his time machine: Robert Salas said one of his guards told him about a red, glowing object about 30 feet in diameter hovering above the front gate.

MUFON releases report on UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas

Sheehan told reporters that during the Carter administration he found out about government-held UFO information that then-CIA Director George Bush, father of the current president, would not release. Gravel first gained national recognition inby placing the still-classified Pentagon Papers — which documented U.

stephenville texas ufo essay

The saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers. Many reports in this latest file describe aircraft as big, black and triangular in shape with lights along the edges, whereas the predominant form in the s to s was saucer or disc-shaped. He delivered his remarks during an appearance at yexas National Press Club following the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conferencea meeting of UFO activists and researchers studying the possibility of alien life forms.


A few years ago, this notion seemed farfetched; today, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is taken for granted by most scientists.

MUFON releases report on UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas – Wikinews, the free news source

In a Japanese pilot said he saw twin cylinders flying in formation within feet of his air cargo jet. Greer, who organized the program at the National Press Club in Washington, argued that the United States and other governments have known about UFOs for at least 50 years tdxas have been keeping the information secret.

But the report had high praise for the French government, which for 21 years has had a panel devoted to collecting scientific evidence related to new sightings. With a civilian population haunted by the Blitz and the Second World War still in the balance, it fexas one development Winston Churchill could have done without — an incursion into British airspace by an arrow-shaped metallic object feared to contain an invasion force of little green men.

Copyright on images may vary, please check individual image pages prior to duplication. He and his team also witnessed various lights moving silently in the sky, of one which was “shedding something like molten metal. The next day I was called into the office. Tonight, have UFOs shut down our government’s defense systems?

stephenville texas ufo essay

The facility is a government-owned rocket engine test site where the world’s first ever nuclear bomb was detonated in The 7, housing units averaged Just before leaving his Defense Department job two months ago, intelligence officer Luis Elizondo quietly arranged to secure the release of three of the most unusual videos in the Pentagon’s secret vaults: He had pushed for videos of the possible alien sightings to be made public so people could see the footage.


And I said we got a UFO.

For a eight-minute CNN clip on this historic event including witness testimony, click here. Continuing the turn, the pilot observed the second object turn inside of him and then away, subsequently returning to the primary UFO for a perfect rendezvous. That is, UFOs are in fact observed, filmed on camera at the same time that people are having their abduction experiences.

Why should Wally Kasza matter? Flying Toblerones, mysterious illnesses and silky-white substances are among hundreds of close encounters described in previously top-secret files released by the Ministry of Defence MoD.

The bad news is they were part of a batch oftapes that were degaussed – magnetically erased – and re-used to save money.

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Lake beds like those explored by Nasa’s Curiosity rover show water was present on the surface of Mars in the past. Elizondo is one stephejville a several former government officials now employed by To the Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences, which claims it will “advance research into unexplained phenomena and develop related technology. Kenneth Edwards, director of the “revolutionary munitions” team at the Munitions Directorate at Eglin.

Watch 22 witnesses testifying to remarkable personal stories in May The first such review by a scientific panel in 28 years, the report He was very stepuenville in the fact that he said it was not of this Earth.

For a more powerful, incisive article on this development, click here.

The pilot promptly initiated a turn and negative G dive to escape. Contributions must be attributed to Wikinews ; see Terms of use for details. For many, the experience appears to have changed them.

stephenville texas ufo essay