Physical fitness and sports keep our students healthy in body and mind. Related Questions What is the best English medium school in Chittagong? Parents are encouraged to volunteer and get involved in the school community in various ways. Sports events are also held every year to encourage students to participate in physical activities. It was an encouragement for the participants to guide themselves and others to protect the world

The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Which is the best English medium school in Dhayari, Pune? The Team were given the Aesthetic Award for their ramp performance. Security Cards have been implemented to ensure this. First aid training is regularly given to all faculty and management.

Model United Nations Conferences, India -Model United Nations MUN is an academic simulation of acmpus United Nations that aims to educate participants about civic and current affairs, effective communication, global issues and multilateral diplomacy.

Aga Khan School, Dhaka.

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Homeroom period is a time for Class Teachers to conduct activities that build team-spirit, teach discipline, counsel students on various issues, develop leadership skills, raise awareness of current affairs and the world, and also build healthy relationships among the students.

Our young athletes have conquered the far reaches of the globe! Playing football is my zest and after participating in an international I came to realize that I can do better and Bangladesh has a good future in football.

As part of their education, the Bangladesh Studies and Environmental Management classes visited these sites of historical importance. homewprk

In total, 18 teams participated from 7 countries and from different Indian states. This curriculum is delivered once a week by Class Teachers during homeroom period and helps to raise awareness and skills for ethical leadership. After school clubs are being offered from KG-II onwards and the following are the list of clubs offered to the students in the Senior campuses. Only parents, guardians or authorized persons are allowed to pick up students from school.


It was an encouragement for the participants to guide themselves and others to protect the world The lab is designed to ensure continuous monitoring of students’ work, while the computers are well-equipped to meet course requirements up to A’ Levels.

Answered Apr 23, What are the top ten English medium schools at Kolkata? The workshops and the interactive learning experience taught us all to use our skills fully and to present them in front of an audience.

We do this in numerous ways-community service projects, science fairs, leadership opportunities, international trips and sports competitions.

Scholastica students participate and organize different community service projects such as organizing special drives to collect food or warm clothing for the underprivileged, fundraisers for worthy causes and other activities cakpus contribute and support community organizations on a regular basis.

Daily Star spelling Bee: The arts are also an integral part of our extra-curricular activities. Welcome to Scholastica Hpmework was established in by Mrs.

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Some schools are listed as best english medium schools in Dhaka. Younger students have one short break in the day, while older students also have a lunch break. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

Scholastica was one of the first private schools in Bangladesh to organize foreign trips for its students, starting with a trip to India for the cricket team about 20 years schllastica


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Both the larger campuses have Student Counselors who hold confidential counseling sessions with students to help them in their personal or academic affairs. We learned how to coordinate and develop confidence to lead others.

scholastica mirpur campus homework

Which are the best schools in India of English Medium? Scholastica believes in nurturing student’s wellbeing by helping them to understand and deal with social, behavioral and personal issues.

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Scholastica as an excellent educational institute helps the students to achieve their goals by showing the right path and offering necessary help and support.

It was a great opportunity for the teams to participate in a world class tournament and play against international teams to gain exposure to international competitions and develop their independence and social skills. Related Questions What is the best English medium school in Chittagong?

Well equipped computer, physics, chemistry labs and libraries. The timings are as follows: These clubs and programs give students the skills necessary to develop confidence to face the challenges and to flourish in an ever-changing and demanding job market.

You dismissed this ad. Below you will find a list of recent trips taken outside Dhaka and Bangladesh.

scholastica mirpur campus homework

Our students at all levels are encouraged to participate in after school clubs and events or programs, such as:.