This range of knowledge and skills has equipped me to apply sound clinical reasoning as the basis for making appropriate professional decisions and acting autonomously as a qualified radiographer. I completed a three year undergraduate degree. If called to interview, it is very likely that you will be asked to talk about your experiences and work experience, and the role of the radiographer. I’ve rotated throughout general X-ray, theatre, mobiles, fluoroscopy, also interventional radiology and CT. Radiographers work in X-ray departments where they work in teams and also within the wider healthcare team, but it is the variety and the patient contact that makes the job rewarding. No University Offers…What Next?

I also tried to link my personality traits to the core values of the NHS. Some really good advice was to ensure that every point listed on the person specification of the job advertised has been covered and that I included some information about the department and why I want to begin my career there. If you have any concerns about this job then please report it to our Customer Service team. This has given me the opportunity to help vulnerable people and has increased my compassion. For example, radiographers can now undertake further study and undertake reports on many types of x-rays. For those reasons I find these activities both socially and personally rewarding.

I completed a three year undergraduate degree. Applicants must have current UK professional registration. We normally had a weekly meeting whilst we were on clinical placement where all the students sat and met with radiographr clinical tutor this is a specific member of the clinical staff who has a dedicated role to look after the students in the department.

The time has come, job applications!

radiograpuer A key accomplishment includes the planning and execution of a clinical audit with the view to improving the hospitals performance in feeding tube practices. Fitting into a Radiotherapy Department.

Well thank goodness for my department having mock interviews complete with a mock application to begin the process. T Inter-professional Learning Clinical practice Dissertation: It is definitely possible to travel as a radiographer. They use radiation to treat cancer cells.


radiographer band 5 personal statement

Most graduates when they take up their first job spend time in a general radiography job, so they work in a general X-ray department and depending on the bqnd, undertake a wide variety of X-rays such as:. It is also possible, but less common, to do a pre-registration masters degree where applicants who hold a degree already can do a fast-track degree usually two years.

First graduating inI work as a radiographer. Specifically, I have a strong interest in technology and am completely fascinated by the sheer complexity of this field. You can do further study such as postgraduate certificates, diplomas, statemdnt a masters in an area you wish to specialise into. By shadowing radiographers, you can ask anything that pwrsonal are unsure about. Return to search NB: For applicants who are unsure about which type of radiography they would like to pursue, I would advise you to gain work experience in both areas as both jobs are very different.

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Senior Radiographer

I got specific experience in ultrasound, CT, MRI and general X-ray departments, which gave me a wide range of areas to consider. I find the technological advancements within the medical sector such as x-rays and ultrasound fascinating and I want to be a part of further advancements in rxdiographer industry.

A little bit of advice for all you prospective students and 1st and 2nd years… be on the ball with your anatomy, chemo regimes and tolerance doses! I also like to read around the area with current journals and magazines such as RAD magazine and Radiology Today Magazine.

By continuing to use this site you consent to our use of cookies. Some really good advice was to ensure that every point listed badn the pereonal specification of the job advertised has been covered and that I included some information about the department and why I want to begin my career there. Agenda for change Pay Band: Here are the radiogrqpher, qualifications and experience required to succeed. The Cardiac Catheter Lab is a high volume diagnostic and device centre which also provides a PCI service for the surrounding area.


UK trained radiographers are highly regarded and you raxiographer travel and work dependent on registration in the country that you would like to work in. I would advise anyone in the final year of their radiography course to start the job search early. Besides enjoying social and physical activities, I am curious to learn about current affairs in; advances in science, medicine, psychology, sociology and anthropology as well as environmental, food, health and wellbeing topics.

How to get a Radiography job

Consequently, I searched for further shadowing experience at the Barnet Hospital where I gained vast hospital time and was able to achieve ample knowledge and experience in this field and find out what the position entails. If a position statemdnt arise, you have already taken the initiative, and hopefully they will remember you. We also have 2 fluoro rooms, 2 CT scanners and 1 MR scanner.

radiographer band 5 personal statement

Possesses a solid working knowledge of a range of general radiology services that extends to teaching students and facilitating service developments. Universities will individually stipulate what academic criteria they require for consideration to the course, but most require that you have completed at least one science subject, typically biology, and some prefer you to have physics.

The course is intense compared to others as depending on the university, radiography students typically spend half their time on placement learning the bannd that they are taught in the academic sessions. Whilst these activities are predominantly team orientated they depend on learning new skills and solving cognitive problems at an individual level.