You must still adhere to all application deadlines. Some departments have specific letter of recommendation requirements. If the individual application does not meet the criteria in the elective catalog, then that application is marked denied and the student is notified. There are many ways to organize your statement to get these points across. Please submit your most updated transcript.

While this task seemed straightforward and uncomplicated, I soon realized during my third-year clerkships that every area of medicine offered aspects I enjoyed. Global Partner Students should use the visiting student immunization form. Have at least two other people one who knows you well and one who knows the process of applying to EM residency well read your personal statement and give feedback. You will be required to show your I form and disclose the conditions of your visa at registration. Those arrangements must be made prior to you accepting a rotation at Northwestern, and the form must be submitted to the Visiting Students Office before you begin your rotation. There is no guarantee that an elective will have availability at the time that you apply. Feinberg School of Medicine.

Please do not contact course directors, department heads or the Visiting Student coordinator regarding availability. Please check the rotation calendar for deadlines starement to submitting a new application.

In order to be considered for other electives, you must reapply through VSAS. Feinberg School of Medicine does not process visa paperwork for international students.

First, we determine the eligibility of an applicant.

personal statement vsas

Information is not provided regarding availability and we do not maintain waiting lists. Once the applicant is determined to be eligible, each application is reviewed to determine if it meets all of the elective-specific criteria. Do not get me wrong, VSAS is an incredibly useful and helpful tool for finding elective rotations. Upon the completion of my third-year rotations, I felt that the role of the internist most closely matched my interests and abilities. The letter must comment on your clinical abilities and performance.


On the other hand, you have the potential to really fall in love with a program and its house staff! You may certainly include a letter of support from that faculty member with your supplemental application documents. Please do not call.

personal statement vsas

You may have the link sent to the visiting students office and it will be forwarded to your department coordinator, or you may have the link sent directly to your department coordinator or supervisor. This policy cannot be overridden by a department, attending or any faculty member. On to the last part, excelling on away rotations!

When your application is released by your home school: No, the registration fee is waived for Global Partner students. In order to be considered for other electives or time frames, you must reapply through VSAS.

Sample Personal Statement: Office of Student Affairs: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

At the end of this long road of school and training, what kind of work do you see yourself doing? Personal statements usually fall into 3 categories: If the offer is persona, due to lack of response or payment within the day time frame, you are not allowed to reapply for the same elective vszs the same time. More on the latter in the future when mine are complete. Letters of good standing and dean’s letters are not acceptable substitutes.


Please submit your most updated transcript.

personal statement vsas

And, I can provide a list of the ones I found to anyone who is interested. Rehash your CV or write an autobiography.

Impressing: Personal Statement

No, this fee is not required at the time of applying. You probably thought this was something you would not have to do for a few more months, right? Have at least two other people one who knows you well and one who knows the process of applying to EM residency well read your personal statement and give feedback.

We cannot accept students from schools located outside the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, with the exception of Global Partner institutions.

You may sstatement participate in clinical activities until this has been completed.

Once your application is complete: Often choosing one experience and telling the story is a good way to open your statement, to develop your theme, and make it memorable. Applications for the next academic year July — May will open in early April. I know I have!