Develop communication skills to bring awareness regarding periodontal disease. Principles of extraction, indications and contraindications, types of extractions, complications and their management, principles of elevators and elevators used in oral surgery. Update him by attending course, conferences and seminars relevant to Periodontics or by self-learning process. Lymphatic drainage of face, neck and oral cavity. It is therefore absolutely necessary for each and every one in the health care delivery to prepare them to deal with these problems. Nov 12, been showing a decline over the last few years, Dr.

Oral health care systems — WHO The dissertation shall be referred to the Examiners for the MOS examination The actual format of clinical examination in various specialities. Endodontic failures and re-treatment. Table — 3 Diagnostic and operative procedures performed Admission year: Fluorides in caries prevention — Murray, Rugg Gunn and Jenkins

Journal of Dental Research General rules of submission.

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Ntr university thesis guidelines. Competence in the evaluation of management of patients for Anaesthesia. The PGs have to maintain a logbook individually according to the guidelines provided, for the work done on each day, evaluated and signed by a staff member. Pulp and periapical pathology Pathobiology of periapex.

Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc. Duration of each paper shall be of 3 hours. Objectives The objective is to train a candidate so as to ensure higher competence in both general and special areas of interest and prepare him for a career in teaching, ntrjhs and speciality practice.


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Contemporary Orthodontics — Proffit W R Appliance for arch development such as molar distalization – 5 cases. Spread of oral infection. Problem guidwlines its management The periodontic – endodontic continuum Periodontic plastic and esthetic surgery Recent advances in surgical techniques E.

Perform essential diagnostic procedures, other relevant laboratory tests and interpret them to arrive at a reasonable diagnosis about the surgical condition.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

In addition the PGs have to enter the cases done in the common case register for each appointment countersigned by a staff member. Periodontal ligament — development, structure, function and clinical consideration. Hypoxia, cyanosis, dyspnoea and periodic breathing. Qualification and experience for examiners 1.

Radiographic quality assurance and infection control. A structured assessment may be done using checklists that assess various aspects. Radiation safety and protection. The assessment should include the candidate’s sincerity and punctuality, analytical ability and communication skills see Model Checklist 3, Section IV. Describe various treatment modalities guiselines periodontal disease from historical aspect to currently available ones.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

All examiners will conduct viva-voce conjointly on candidate’s comprehension, analytical approach, expression, interpretation of data and communication skills. Various treatment modalities in Orthodontics — Preventive, Interceptive and Corrective. Develop the ability to communicate with professional colleagues, in Orthodontics or other specialities through various media like correspondence, Internet, e-video, conference, etc. Australian Dental Journal 5.


ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

The value of computer based systems in biomedical equipment. Radiographic interpretation – Dental Caries, periodontal diseases, regressive changes of teeth. It is therefore absolutely necessary for each and every one in the health care delivery to prepare them to deal with these problems. Every candidate should take part in textbook revision, seminars, group discussions, case demonstrations and discussions, journal review meetings, and Clinical meetings.

Guidwlines of the Trainee: The students are expected to report the seminar topic, outline of the topic, topic of the journal discussion or case presentation to be done one week before presentation and take approval from the HOD or the staff in charge.

Circulatory disturbances — ischemia, edema, thrombosis, embolism, infarction, allergy and hypersensitivity reaction. Bacterial, viral, mycotic infections of the oral cavity.

Endodontic failures and re-treatment.