Edition other than the first Kohn, M. One volume of a multivolume work Baltes, P. Godes Limited, Civil Application No. The system is deployed at the campus to facilitate the learning and research processes by students and lecturers. Learning and development through social interaction. List works by the same author in chronological order, separated by commas Gilligan, , Email and other personal communication Cite any personal letters, email, electronic bulletin-board correspondence, telephone conversations, or interviews with the persons initial s and last name, List of tables and list of figures:

Currently, the University does not offer any scholarship or financial assistance to any candidate seeking admission. Website, for electronic case reports. Mzumbe University prefers references to bibliography. Guarantee of Sponsorship Applications can only be considered for registration once the University receives satisfactory evidence that the candidate will be adequately financed during his or her course at the University. Six or more authors Use only the first authors name and et al. Life-span development and behaviour Vol. List of two or more works by the same author in chronological order.

The heading and the table itself are inseparable. If the author of a source is unknown, alphabetize the source by each first major word of the title.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

Type the heading References, neither underlined nor in quotation marks, centred one inch from the top of the page.

Dissertation, unpublished Leverenz, C. Article in a journal paginated by issue Maienza, J.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

In many universities, a thesis or a dissertation represents the culmination of a major research project that should make a significant contribution to mzube in a given field. Unless the figures are big enough to deserve separate pages by themselves, they must be included in the text.

Article in kzumbe reference work Ochs, E. Translation Durkheim, E, Electronic sources World wide website Other sources Technical or research reports and working papers Paper presented at a meeting or symposium, unpublished Dissertation, unpublished Legal documentation Citation of cases Citation of statutes 4.


Mzumbe University Thesis Writing Guidelines For Students

This email address is being protected from spambots. Selection in a book with an editor West, C. Author named in a signal phrase Generally, use the authors name in a signal phrase to introduce the cited material and place the date in parentheses immediately after the authors name.

All students are required to read and understand all these important documents upon registration.

Mzumbe University Research Proposal Guidelines

Six or more authors Use only the first authors name and et al. List of two or more works by the same author in chronological order.

The list of tables and the list of figures should be placed on different pages. List sources alphabetically by authors last names.

The New York Times, pp. This is mzmbe ensure clear copies of the work Except for tables whose text should be single spaced, spacing for all other text should be 1.


Separate the names of multiple authors with commas, and use an ampersand tehsis the last authors Publication date: APA style for in-text citations Authors names in a signal phrase Authors named in parentheses Two authors Three to five authors Six to more authors Organisation as author Unknown author Two or more authors with the same last names Two or more sources within the same parentheses Specific parts of a source E-mail and other personal communication World wide website APA style for a list of references Books One author Two or more authors Organisation as author Unknown author Editor Guidekines in a book with an editor Translation Edition other than the first One volume of a multivolume work Article in a reference work Republication Government document Two or more works by the same author s Periodicals Article in a journal paginated by volume Article in a journal paginated by issue Article in a magazine Article in a newspaper Editorial or letter to the editor Unsigned article 1 2.


Insert candidates full name sixteen spaces after the title The candidates name must be in the centre of the title page in bolded 12 font size. Mzumbe University Academic Year The academic year normally starts in October every year, and ends in July, except for first year programmes earmarked for staggered semester.

In subsequent reference, use just the first authors name plus et al.

For newspapers and for articles or chapters in books, include the abbreviation p, page or pp. Equilibration as a cognitive conflict. However, the final year mzumbr thesis should generally do not be less than 70 pages Insert the following words for a dissertation: University and Faculty Research Cooperation Proposals submitted to the university -wide research competition are being evaluated by a Mzumbe University.

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Guidelines for Writing a Masters Thesis Documents. Introduction or problem setting Chapter II: How long does it take to read and provide the feedback to the undergraduate proposal? Quotations of more than four lines are indented and aligned four spaces from the left margin.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

Type the word Retrieved followed by the date of access and retrieval method for example, from the World Wide Webfollowed by a colon. Give the authors name, if available.