Attention is not given by his parents. She takes a plate from the cupboard. Tiffany hs not sent me an email. The children were taught by Oliver. Who is loved by him? The rooms are swept by the servant

The rudsack is put by Sue on the floor. A car is bought by him 3. Is English being learnt by you? This is the answers, If I am not mistake: The composition was written by me. Bantu jawab ya is going to sama dengan penggunaan modal will jadi bukan to be nya, kalimatnya akan sama artinya dengan the window will not be opened by the teacher.

Change these Passive sentences into Active voice! Somebody entered our house last Friday. Are you learning English? I have punished those children.

Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Those corns have been planted by my father yesterday. Whose mother did it for it? Fill in the blank! They will take her to hospital tomorrow.


A spooky story was told to Us by the teacher. Contoh Soal Demonstrative Pronoun dan Jawabannya. A letter is written by me 2. She takes a plate from the cupboard. By how many little boys is it done? No one can answer your question.

latihan soal essay passive voice

Use the words in parentheses. A car is bought by him 3. Jones essay the film. We joined the match last month. Make this sentences into passive!

Mother makes a cup of tea.

latihan soal essay passive voice

How can everything be done easily? We must look after her. The wind blew his hat down the street.

Contoh Soal Passive Voice Pilihan Ganda dan Essay beserta Jawabannya ~ Dunia Bahasa Inggris

We must write the answers on one side of the paper. The floor will be swept by Jack She would sell her house. How many little boys does it? A glass of milk was brought by the servant. The housework is done by her. My nail is cut by her The dog bit the old lady. Sue puts the rudsack on the floor. Who has done by me? By whom is a book written slowly? The piano was being played loudly by my neighbor. She bought four apples.