The purpose of this task is to consider the instructional implications of contextual factors. The KTIP Committee makes professional judgment regarding satisfactory completion of the internship year. Demonstrates Implementation of Technology Standard 7: Observations and post observation conferences shall occur within each cycle. Any electronic communications that relate to any aspect of the internship sent to the teacher intern along with read receipts and responses back from the teacher intern if available; and. Assessment discussions need to be included on the Resource Teacher Timesheets. If an intern begins on August 1, the committee should use the school calendar to physically count from August 1 until the end of the school year to account for the — instructional days.

We are sad that this program is ending, as most people have found it extremely beneficial for new teachers. Teacher evaluation occurs through a variety of activities: More evidence for some components than others NOTE: Enter your More information. Scores for Standard 2 do not change after you have observed the intern.

Again, stress the importance ghide identifying the needs and strategies to meet those needs with the PGP. When does the intern begin this task? Task E is being introduced at this time as the self-assessment of Task E must be completed prior to the Orientation or any other tasks. Rather, the intern describes in Cycle 3 or Cycle 2 if completed during that cycle reflection piece concerning what did not work and why?

homewofk Note that the days in the cycles are counted from the orientation committee meeting. Identify references to assist with effective post-observation conferences. The request shall include the following: Within homedork 30 days from the date of hire or on or before October 15, whichever occurs first, for a teacher intern participating in the internship for the fall semester or full year; or.


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Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework – PDF

We think you have liked this presentation. However, a trained resource teacher may work with the intern prior to the orientation meeting. Within the — instructional day span all 3 cycles must occur as identified in regulation.

ktip guide for homework

It should be a natural part of their teaching responsibilities. Trainees should read through Task C for understanding.

ktip guide for homework

In documenting in-class hours on the Resource Teacher s Time Sheet, always explain activities in detail as they relate to the intern s Professional 6.

Homewok of Education Policy and Social Analysis. Certification may be obtained in Life SciencePhysical More information. All three members of the committee Principal, Resource Teacher and Teacher Educator and the intern must be present at the orientation meeting In some cases [medical issues, budget, etc.

Analytic scores inform the interns of strengths and growth areas. Examples of open-ended questions: Choose the Checkout button Complete the demographic information page and choose next and then finish. Schedule of Activities are available to assist each committee member with their respective roles and responsibilities on the committee.

All three members of the committee and the intern must be present at the orientation meeting.

ktip guide for homework

Organizing and Analyzing Results tables for whole class and diverse learners b. Registration Forgot your password? Enter and submit data into the online Resource Teacher Time Sheet or the hard copy of that document if the electronic reporting system is unavailable.


All three members of the committee Principal, Resource Teacher and Teacher Educator and the intern must be present at the orientation meeting In some cases [medical issues, budget, etc.

This discussion should be held prior to beginning the unit.

Make two 2 one 1 hour or one 1 class period observation visits followed by an observation of the teacher intern’s one 1 hour or one 1 class period videotaped classroom lesson. For Example, if the Orientation is held on September 4, begin counting on September 5 for day one of the 60 day span for Cycle 1.

One easy way to do this is to consider indicators that received a PD or ND as potential growth areas.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) – Suspended

Still using August 27 as the Orientation Meeting date, determine the new dates for the end of each cycle if your intern misses the following days: Teaching and Homeworm Context Task A2: For those who have not completed homework, they may continue with the face-to-face, but must complete the homework before receiving a certificate of completion and serve on the committees.

Discuss the Professional Learning Community as a means to help develop a reflection piece. Remind trainees that interns must pull objectives from standards: This program is More information.