About Privacy Cookies Contact us. It is so catchy and it draws you into the book. My fave part was when Kensuke talked about his life. Rida Owais from Pakistan This book is very good and it is the best as it is written by its author. Sanvi from India Amazing.

I am excited to get the book!! This Mysterious,mind-blowing,adventure book is amazing especially for people with expanded imaginations. I rate this book five stars. I would recommend this book to everyone. Estela from UK I love reading this book.

This is so so brilliant! Shafira from Salsiah I love this book!

Jawad from Slough Really good book, a real page turner. I think it was amazing, you would not be disappointed. This book will grip you from start homwork finish, and let you understand the true meaning of trust and friendship.

kensukes kingdom homework

A bit of tension and suspense, along with a bit of sadness but a happy ending. Michael and his dog Stella fell of the boat which is called the peggy sue onto a deserted Island.

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Fin from Nomework A really good book. Kensuke kingdom Kensuke kingdom is a great book. Nathan from UK It’s full of action and problems which makes any book interesting. He has many adventures.

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Books Explore our library and use wonderful books in your lessons! Denis from Kyiv It is awesome. Matias from Heredia, Costa Rica It was amazing! I found it really interesting, in some bits I liked it because there were lots of cliff-hangers. Jordan from London Bad book This poignant tale of trust and mutual respect is a thrilling and emotive story, written in the first person narrative giving the reader a sense of a true story being related to them.


All the fun Michael’s family had now seems like a dream that never happened.

Kinngdom the novel, the reader is confronted with the strong sense of family that the novel, in its entirety, explores. Eventually when actually read the book a couple of times you can feel all the emotions that Michael felt on the voyage, when he fell off the boat ect.

I guess the only thing I can say for improvement is writing more books since i have ready all of Michael Morpergo’s books and currently doing a Book review at school for the book. Femke from Netherlands I red this book for my book report for school.

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo book review

We as the reader find the sad tale of how Kensuke was stranded on the island during the war and believed his wife and daughter to be dead. Nandini from India So cool! Kate from Kimgdom This book is amazing I read it last year and really enjoyed it. It is nonfiction until the middle where it turned fiction because kensuki the island and the storyline is fiction. I love all of Micheal Morpurgo’s books even though they are so sad but I really liked Kensuke’s Kingdom.


I was so intrigued in the book I could not wait until we had English so we could read the next chapter. Nearly my best book ever. On the island they met a crazy old man called Kensuke.

kensukes kingdom homework

Lillie from Stowmarket I love the story but I’m only half way through so far but it’s really good. Bob from UK It’s so cool. Pag from Aussie Pre good Tilly from England Badly written, boring. Michael gets stung kinhdom over by a white jellyfish. Croix I love love love this book!