Over nationalisme en patriottisme Amsterdam, Sas, van, N. This research has touched — at least briefly — the former two, but has also introduced a new institution of pedagogisation: Een politieke geschiedenis van Nederland Amsterdam, Aerts, Remieg, Het aanzien van de politiek. The dominance results from the reality at the time of the debate: After the School Debate was mainly fought over the — lack of — financial support of the separated special education, an issue that would not be put to rest by the confessional parties and to what the liberals refused to give in to. Providing pupils with a substantial knowledge was regarded as an inferior task of the teacher: The actual result of this ideology in the liberal discourse is discussed below.

International Journal of the History of Education, Vol. However, as the next parliamentary year would bring the final School Act that would equalise special and public schools, his quote can in all likelihood be seen as a concluding and wishful sigh for unity. It was a liberal principle that parents were responsible for the upbringing of their children and that schools would only provide a part of upbringing. Conclusion Aims and results A discourse analysis once has been compared to a Sisyphean task, a never ending process that starts over as soon as one discourse has been unravelled. Obligatory subjects were mathematics, reading and writing. In , Hendrik Pyttersen had taken up the same line of argumentation while speaking about local elections:

After all is the practice of rhetoric, centuries older than modern societies and their parliaments, a beloved and often thrsis field of research to the historian.

But the state is involved in this context as well, and it has its own interests in education. When this research is executed over a substantial amount of sources and within time limit, it is possible to reconstruct the sematic discourse in the given context. Both historians and their methodologies in this peculiar case would profit from the digitalisation of the Handelingen, since they both could use the search engine on the website that gives them easy access to the content of the archive.


This shifted importance found its way to liberal educational policies and from that moment on, the curricula of public schools would follow modern scientific and secular directions. Schaalvergroting en integratie sinds Nijmegen, Knoers, A. Keeping the ideological background of the liberal movement in mind, this observation is not an unexpected one. Het Nederlandse onderwijs, Amsterdam, Inone of the most pressing issues in parliament was the discussion of a further extension of male suffrage.

The House of Representatives was changed into a tool of representation and gained the rights of amendment, interpellation and inquiry. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Inleiding tot de klinische seksuologie

Not only schools, but governmental policies as well could teach them, and give them an education. In my understanding of the available literature the so-called conflict merely took place on theoretical political level and not in the Dutch society; thereby have more characteristics of a debate than a struggle or conflict. Potential future research, in addition to this limited thesis, perhaps even lies more in this field than in the field of parliamentary history. InKetelaar made mention of the criminal aspect ineliding had to be considered and added to his plea for compulsory school attendance the following: As even until the second half of the nineteenth century, the Netherlands had been divided as a country, national feelings were practically non-existent.

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Modern academic literature though does not support this hypothesis with evidence that is directly based on the Handelingen and that takes more than one context in which the liberals defended their bourgeois values into account.

If the upbringing of the part of the population fails, they might cost a lot in the nearby future, and these costs will be for the state to yield. Secondly, this research has examined and analysed the vocabulary and the semantics of this vocabulary of the liberal movement at the end of the nineteenth century. The latter option would occur for the first time in the s.


The emergence of the interdisciplinary field of digital humanities in the last few decades has had a stimulating interaction with worldwide archives and has already resulted in the digitalisation of numerous archives in libraries.

In the same discussion on obligatory school attendance, Jan van Gilse, member of the Free-Democratic Club, also clarified that it is the concern of the state to engage themselves with one of the most important functions of education: Stefan Gradmann has shown, the semantic approach, within Digital Humanities, means a shift in the way books, or containers of information as he calls them, are perceived.

Primary education was to help pupils to mature into disciplined adults with strong characters, moral standards and a sense of duty so that they eventually would lead to an elevated society that would ensure peace and wealth for all well-education inhabitants of the country. Insix years after the erection of the first political party, the Protestant Anti-Revolutionary Party ARPthe first liberal party was established: As indicated above, processes of teaching and learning were not restricted to take place in front of a blackboard because the liberals thought that solving 58 Ibidem.

Together with the military service, these two issues dominated parliamentary debates throughout the s, s and s. The Act of remained very clear on the mentioned socially and Christian values: Literary And Linguistic Computing, Vol.

Hence, a change in the liberal philosophy was unavoidable. Low Countries Historical Review, Vol.

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Context, Concepts and the Need for Reflection. Talsma, De verzuiling voorbij.

inleiding thesis kuleuven

It would last until before both special and public primary schools were made equal in another constitutional reform. College Composition and Communication Vol.