In other words, one can either adopt a ‘glass half full’ or a ‘glass half empty’ view of corruption in India. October 30, at 6: Letter Writing Letter to your landlord asking him to get certain repairs done in the house you are occupying, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class Charity, however, must begin at home. Strong boards like the U.

Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent. It is when work just cannot be done in the correct procedure that most people tend to become corrupt just to get their work done, together with the reward and punishment system the working system should be made more efficient then, I presume there will be less and even negligible corruption. Letter to a friend describing a match you saw yesterday, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class Once we are able to curb. Anti-poor implementation of pro-poor development policies is a perverse feature of Indian administration. The vigilance department should keep a constant eye on the corrupt officers and other public servants. December 25, at

icse essay on corruption

Ministers and senior officials must set noble examples of an honest living free from corruption, bribery, nepotism and immorality. Essay on corruption in india in english words apr In a developing country like India, corruption has prevailed from time immemorial in one form or the other.

When we work honestly, the result is that, either the work is not done or it gets delayed. My home is the most important place in my life.


October 4, at 3: Esssay in the academic field means that merit is ignored and mediocrity exalted. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

icse essay on corruption

When this is the simple reason for us to do wrong, why should anyone even try to do anything in the right way? The topmost people in the country must present model examples of conduct and behavior.

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If left unchecked, corruption spreads rapidly. February 27, at 7: Politicians embezzle public funds and take kickbacks.

In short, nothing is sacrosanct when it comes to this evil practice. These scams, most of them unearthed by the Central Bureau of Investigation, involve huge corruptlon running into thousands of crores.

Measures to combat corruption. November 1, at Recent accusations on corruption appear to put the country in to the category of the worst African ‘Cleptocracies’.

icse essay on corruption

Argumentative research essay outline example business plan checklist template peer review literature hiv and hcv. Only if in can pay lakhs of rupees to higher officials, he will get a job.

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Evils, it is said, percolate in any society from the top. As nation grows, the corrupt also grow to invent new methods of cheating the government and public.

Even to make eyedrops bottels. Even the millitary, hitherto relatively free of corruption, has recently been involved in several land scams, including the notorious Adarsh scam in Mumbai. Letter to your father describing how you are helping the household in his absence, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class To the international shame of India, the administration of the New Delhi Commonwealth Games was replete with examples of corruption and incompetence.


Corruption, in one form or another, is a worldwide phenomenon. And that clear honour were purchased by the merit of the wearer!

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October 31, at 4: In this way even the one time honest people join the bandwagon of the corrupt because they find greener pastures on the corrupt side of the fence. Only people from underdeveloped or developing countries are prone to corruption.

February 24, at Your email address will not be published. Aditya Anand Yadav says: Economist Kaushik Basu has shown how “faster economic growth is not just a consequence of appropriate economic policy, saving rate, human capital and fiscal deficits, but the level of honesty in the citizenry”.

But at another, on could also note that so many illicit activities are now being exposed. All ministers and public servants should be made to declare their assets.