Not addressing problems promptly. The final decision of appointing assessors is made by the Honours program coordinator. It is OK if your advisor already has done ethics application but that might be a sign that the advisor or someone else nearby want to be first author. Submit your Leave of absence application as described on this web-page. Have a look at EndNote output styles to be downloaded. The best way to achieve this is to use a specific number of significant figures. Enroll in Honours subjects on eStudent can not be done until we have processed all course transfer forms.

Practical tips on how to write a literature review, introduction to statistical software, where to submit manuscripts for publication and many other practical tips are given on:. You should present your figures with an appropriate level of accuracy reflecting the uncertainty in your results. You may wish to consider additional private insurance. The Honours program coordinator and the site specific academic Honours coordinators. Different expectations between student and advisors.

Submit Thesis for assessment and grading. Submit your student report 1. During the years many Honours students had a very positive experience, enjoyed the learning process and acquired experience useful for life. This document and the students course transfer applications will be compiled at the research office in Townsville and send to the faculty registrar for registration.

That table will tell you important steps and dates. However, all other components must be submitted on this website. There are also four short student reports mainly consisting of check boxes during different phases of the course. The full time version is working full time with Hhonours studies after completion of year 5. To enable support for travel and accommodation, please email Cmd.


The first is that the student submits the ethics application or push other aspects of the project too late. You will enrol in subjects under both courses.

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The combined requirements for your advisory panel is: Different expectations between student and advisors. The part time version is also suitable for junior doctors commencing up until PGY4.

honours thesis jcu

You can also engage in other projects than those mentioned on the Match-making site part of Search. Submit your student report 3. Hence, it might even be easier to do a systematic review rather than just a review.

You should ask the data supplier Queensland health, a private GP clinic etc if they mind that the code-key is stored on a JCU server separated from the computer analysing de-identified data.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that this clash does not occur. Following these guidelines will give you a manuscript that has the best possible chances of honourd accepted for publication and getting the highest possible marks.

Special circumstances are required before you would be granted an extension more about this below. Students having a pass are not eligible to apply. Can be expensive without a student licence. Consequently the match-making site is hidden unless you create a personal profile and log in.


honours thesis jcu

Does any of them have a previous track record as an advisor? The advisors should suggest one assessor. Now enrol into the Honours subjects for study period 1 and 2 on eStudent. It is recommended to first have a discussion with your advisors, then with the Honours coordinator at site and finally the Honours program coordinator before making your final decision.

First await the outcome of your pre-Honours application so you know if your application was accepted or not. An Honours degree advances the academic qualifications of MBBS graduates in an increasingly competitive field. The Honours program coordinator and the site specific academic Honours coordinators. You should be able to present the project for assessors not having any prior knowledge of the project.

honours thesis jcu

Any advisor that has given input in discussions, feedback on drafts and reviewed and accepted the final manuscript should in most cases be a co-author. There are two pitfalls more common than others. Submit an internal JCU application for your Honours program All students need to submit an internal JCU application as soon as the pre-Honours application is submitted and it must be on the desk of the research office no later than 6th of December.