The intention is to extend this approach as well to the Master Thesis. In this project the interactive visual analysis of spatial sensor data streams will be explored and evaluated. Plietker, Institute of Organic Chemistry, molecular catalysts such as Ru-PNNP catalysts are used to store chemically electricity by converting carbon dioxide into formic acid. In this project, [Fe] -, or [FeFe] — hydrogenase mimics will be developed and examined with respect to their catalytic activity in the electrochemical water splitting Proton reduction in close cooperation with the working group of Prof. We turn knowledge into skills and people into personalities. These models need to be able to map the dynamics of fluctuating power generation to develop appropriate control strategies for the energy system. Therefore support and coaching in this process is an essential element which consequently starts already in parallel to the learning units.

Goal of the data flow analysis and visualization is the monitoring and optimal control of small wind turbines as well as the distribution network, including CO2-based hydrogen batteries. In comparison to other metropolitan regions in Europe, it is ranked first in several international rankings, in particular, concerning export orientation, innovation, and research intensity. Student accommodation is offered by the administration of the 12 Stuttgart universities. Hydrogen evolution reaction HER on the cathode and in-situ reduction of carbon dioxide to formic acid with the help of a molecular catalyst and — if required — by the help of a base such as DBU [1]. In this context, information is to be understood as entropy of a message after Shannon. A small number of jobs for students with specific backgrounds are offered by the university, including the possibility of conducting tutorials for students in the beginning semesters or participating in one of the research projects of the faculty.

Candidate should have a strong background in flow physics, meteorology. However, there is the possibility of extending your stay in Germany for an additional internship after finishing the Master’s course.

In this thesis, high temporal and spatial resolution CFD simulations of small wind turbines, which are installed on exposed buildings in urban environment, shall be performed. An effective load management offers high potentials to selectively fht the wind power supply using intelligent control algorithms while the buildings energy need is increased as well and to use the available storage potentials.


For this purpose different visualization techniques such as parallel coordinates Hyperbolic Trees and tree maps are tested in the geospatial context.

hft stuttgart thesis

A degree equivalent to thhesis BSc in Civil Engineering, Geodesy, Geography, Agriculture, Forestry, or a corresponding degree of another profession related to geodata Two years of competent professional experience is recommended. Between the first and the second semesters, there are two, two-week intensive training practices in GIS and Photogrammetry.

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Photogrammetric technology is trained on modern digital workstations, including sophisticated analytical systems. Erstsemester Studierende Lehrende Mitarbeiter Externe. The tradition of teaching building, construction, and design at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences HFT reaches back to the year In this project this circumstance is countervailed by increasing its attractivity with the help of a system approach.

No Can the e-learning elements be taken without signing up for the course of study? Scholarship holder Stanislav Piriienko stanislav.

Plietker, Institute of Organic Chemistry, molecular catalysts such as Ru-PNNP catalysts are used to store chemically electricity by converting carbon dioxide into formic acid. Specific specialist or non-specialist support for international students and doctoral candidates Buddy programme Specialist counselling Cultural and linguistic preparation Welcome event Tutors Supervisor-student styttgart Approx.

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Electrochemical reduction of protons of water on stutfgart molecular catalyst towards hydride species which perform a nucleophilic attack on the carbon of carbon dioxide forming formic acid. The Bachelor program Infrastructure Management combines the course contents of civil engineering with topics from urban planning, energy supply and project management.

hft stuttgart thesis

Awaiting engineers specialized in building physics are many fields with optimal entrance prospects, such as consulting engineer, expert, appraiser, communal energy consultant or development and testing engineer. Qualifications such as team skills, flexibility, understanding of complex tasks, decisiveness, and a feeling of responsibility are what is wanted.

Master Thesis Project

In addition to the stttgart study programme application form, candidates are required to submit a special DAAD scholarship application form. Scholarship holder Shubhi Harbola.


hft stuttgart thesis

Optional tutorials are offered to support students who have different background knowledge. Due to complex instationary and thesos varying inflow conditions, the dynamic loads and the yield of small wind turbines in urban areas differ significantly from those in flat terrain.

Architects and engineers plan and design these spaces – not just living premises but administration buildings, factories, hospitals, streets, bridges, tunnels, parks, airports, etc.

Another focus of the programme is the close connection with applied research, which is being conducted highly intensively particularly in the building physics programme. The complete course comprises two intensive semesters of lectures and exercises. The thematically interconnected projects complement each other.

The data streams captured need to be analyzed in real stutgart and filtered through stream-based algorithms for hrt information. That way, students are familiarized with the latest measuring instruments and testing methods, and get involved in current research projects. Electrochemical activation of carbon dioxide on the cathode and conversion with the protons of water to formic acid and formate, respectively [2]. Different from existing technologies cryo-cooled H2, stuttgaft gas storage systems the existing infrastructures pipelines, tsuttgart, etc.

Objective of the stttgart is the generation of velocity and pressure profiles covering a large area and the characterization of suitable locations and operating parameters of small wind turbines in urban areas. An online learning platform is used for an exchange of teaching materials and course-related information as well as practise exercises. The implementation of the catalysts in micro electrolysis reactors and crosslinking within the memory modules are done in close consultation with the AG Neuburger wind energy and AG Eicker networking.

For this purpose a Lidar simulator will be developed and integrated in the CFD simulation and the CFD will be used as reference for the wind field reconstruction method.