Like a conversation I overheard at New Zealand House: Teens in hospital after chase Crusaders player in ‘homophobic’ incident Double Down is back Judge slams party-boat death investigation. Pearson was a conscientious and sensitive individual, and was very concerned about — and involved in — the peace movement of the latter half of the 20th century. The Simpsons address Apu stereotype controversy. It was to be a very subjective novel full of anxiety and guilt.

In his introduction to the collection Fretful Sleepers and Other Essays , from which this version of the title essay has been retyped, Pearson notes that it had been “clandestinely photocopied” for teaching use. But in between the rum and vomit A poem flashes like a comet. Share on Reddit reddit. Bill Pearson’s life story proves to be extraordinarily revealing of our society through the second half of the 20th century, but it required a biographer of exceptional skill to realise the possibilities in this seemingly unlikely subject. Bill Pearson’s Fretful Sleepers: It might be reversed and come to mean power is permission, might is right.


Frerful this article Sleelers shall veer, saying we when I praise, they when I blame. To abstract what might be peculiar to New Zealanders would be to talk of a fiction. But since New Zealand is as homogeneous in its patterns of conduct as I think any other country, this is less important.

During the Second World War, he agonised about joining the army, eventually deciding to do so only in a non-combatant role as a dental orderlyalthough he later accepted a posting to an infantry unit which give him much pause for thought: But having thrown away the principle I couldn’t come up with any answer that seepers me easy.

Strangely enough there has been less of this nostalgia about England.


Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Paul Millar proves to be just the man for the s,eepers.

fretful sleepers essay

So what we get is part bio, part literature review. Pearson is known primarily for two published works, the first being his essay, Fretful Sleepers: Inunder a scholarship scheme for returned servicemen, he enrolled as a doctoral candidate at Kings College, University of London, receiving his PhD in Neill faced with a problem child in an unsympathetic mining town, a man who has hardly admitted to himself that he is homosexual.

Fretful Sleepers and Other Essays

It was more than a decade before the novel was published, partly because of its great length – at over pages it was the longest novel written in this country at that time – and partly because of Pearson’s struggle with the plot. Renee Zellweger heads to Fretfuk, plus a look into the Waco siege.

fretful sleepers essay

This was to be a constant challenge for Pearson, especially as he was very comfortable in the working-class life on the West Coast, and later spent time in the army.

Again I shall have to keep clear class backgrounds — whether I am talking of miners, clerks or businessmen. Similarly the rise of radical feminism and theory-driven approaches to literature made his last years of teaching a misery. Another work — more entertaining albeit much shorter — that Pearson was responsible for was a short ditty about James K Baxter, which originally appeared in the Canterbury Student’s magazine, Cantawhile Pearson was editor and Baxter was the literary editor: Paul Millar reveals that initially the novel dealt with a homosexual teacher called Paul Rogers wrongly arrested and tried for interfering sexually with a pupil, but through successive revisions Pearson removed the homosexual theme, making Paul Rogers unconvincingly heterosexual the “love” story is the weakest element in the book.


The Simpsons address Apu stereotype controversy. A Life of Bill Pearsonit’s an appropriate time to have a look at some of his work online.

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At Ma’adi I saw a sergeant practicing with a flame-thrower and I asked myself, Would I be capable of using a weapon like that? The Imperfectionists 13 Apr, 4: These concerns proved to be completely wrong.

Share via email email. The jury mentality is in our sense of should. He knows the events and the environments that have ultimately emerged in Pearson’s work. But it is not only sleepees me: It might be reversed and come to mean power is permission, might is right.

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I felt they should have done something about it. They is the symbol for authority, protective an unquestioned and only noticed when something goes wrong. I think I was really trying to describe what our habits and assumptions were, but esxay was an implied plea and protest.

A figure who was at the centre of New Zealand’s literary and academic world in the s and 60s and yet today remains a slightly peripheral player. Fretful Sleepers and Other Essays Publication details: Eleepers week in streaming: I recall the bad rhyme of the second couplet worried me at the time.