Through all the appalling conditions, this selfless, twelve-year-old boy stayed positive and fought to live because of the love he had for his siblings. By giving his audience a sense of what the area looks like, he further draws them to his cause because if the government or the subscribers help cure third world countries of poverty, no one has to experience this let alone live in it. Notify me of new comments via email. He lived in a 6-foot by foot tin shack with his father, pregnant mother, and seven siblings. You are commenting using your WordPress.

He tossed in a chunk of lye soap and ordered each child to wash up. Let me help you. You’re in pretty good shape; it just needs a bit of tweaking. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This story is definitely hands down a great example of a descriptive piece of writing, as at least once in almost every sentence is a description. I think the message that Parks was trying to communicate was one of awareness. Without the help of the Parks or the subscribers, Flavio and the da Silvas could very well be dead right now.

On the other hand, the ending should have been more informative. Unfortunately, it appeared by this account that the families support was not synonymous with autonomy. Congress created the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, in Gordon appeared to vacillate between striving for autonomy and accepting the support of his family.

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There was a moment when Flavio began coughing until he fell to the floor. What is eesay poverty? Gordon Parks uses a great amount of intricate detail with everything he describes, from his despise of poverty at the beginning till the very last words that he said to Flavio. Through all the appalling conditions, this selfless, twelve-year-old boy stayed positive and fought to live because of the love descriptige had for his siblings. Rosa Parks stood for freedom and equality and today everyone would learn that.


Notify me of new comments via email. Create a free flaviios or blog at WordPress. A Woman Who Changed Things: Through the Pain words – 5 pages neighbor, but a son to Joe.

The thesis of this writing was definitely identifiable in this first paragraph as poverty being such a problem.

flavios home descriptive essay

In paragraph 7, we see the descriptjve by which Flavio gets the rice washed, the children bathed, and the floor scrubbed, with only one pan of water. Flavio, severely malnourished and suffering from an untreated sickness, was responsible for cleaning, cooking, and taking care of his seven siblings.

Flavio’s Home

The Sentence Identity Theft Essay. He says that he is more afraid for his brothers and sisters, than he is of dying. He prepares breakfast in paragraph 23, making a fire and reheating the dinner. Email required Address never made public. Norman March 13, at 9: Remember me on this computer.

We will write a custom essay sample on. The effect of this scene is to descriptkve the huge disparity between the rich and poor in Rio, between not only their dress, but their emotional lives, the one basic and elemental, the other extravagant and romantic. We can also help by reducing carbon emissions and picking up our litter.


flavios home descriptive essay

Sounds of Silence words – 7 pages Gordon recording and capturing the sounds of nature and trying to make a difference in saving the natural quiet of national parks, and getting people to listen. This is definitely a great essay filled with emotions, that are tangile by the reader. Gordon Parks describes the young man as “miserably thin”, saying “his legs resembled sticks covered with skin and screwed into his feet.

Their toilet was a hole in the far corner of their home. The sarcasm of that sentence implying that in that community an old age is ten for someone who has lived there their whole life.

Off to a great start – just cut down on the amount of summary words max and add in flwvios clearer response to the issues.

Flavio’s Home By Gordon Parks Essay

In this quote Parks tries to get the audience to connect with not only Flavio and the da Silva children, but all impoverished children. Most people I know that live at or below the poverty line have cable television. What the average american can do is to visit National Parks and show our government how much they mean to us.

flavios home descriptive essay

No one can change the world by themselves, but they can always make an impact on the world.