The External Examiner, who is expected to undertake the longest single period of questioning, will begin the examination. This committee will provide you with additional guidance, support and research perspectives. You will write a thesis to the acceptable standards with the support of your supervisor and co-supervisor and committee. If either the External or the Chair requests a paper copy of your thesis, you will be required to provide one to them. The University of Alberta Libraries will also catalogue your thesis in its collection. In the future, also look for department news on the web site:. Higher Degree by Research Students.

Applying to convocate on Bear Tracks does not guarantee convocation. Deadline for fgsr requesting funding is February 1 Three 3 recommendation forms. The supervisor and the student must be present in person for the defense to take place. Board 2, 7th floor Ed. The department sends a number of important communications regarding office space, mailboxes, critical fgsr, meeting dates, funding, [URL] announcements, etc. For embedded graduate certificates:

Fgsr ualberta thesis submission

Graduate Studies and Research. For students with a January 1, start date, the deadline is 1st November, Course-Based Monday, March 20, University of thesis masters thesis papers. Thesis Title Page Template.

fgsr thesis deadlines

Students must be registered in the term when they defend. Following deadlins defense, the student may have access to the External Examiner’s evaluation of the thesis in order to assist with any revisions required. For embedded graduate certificates: The supervisor fgsf the last examiner and often will not speak at all, especially if other members of the examining committee have taken up a great deal of time. Thesis Committee Release Form. Fgsr ualberta thesis submission. Before students submit a printed copy of their thesis to the School in question, they should submit an electronic copy to Skemman, according to the rules on.


The candidate will wait nearby to be called to return to the room to be informed about the deliberations of the committee. As well, students only have 5 years to complete their work, and they may not eeadlines eligible for an extension.

fgsr thesis deadlines

First, FGSR will review the submitted thesis and determine if it is acceptable for the external examiner. If you have copyright permission letters allowing inclusion of another person’s work in your thesis, the letters must be included. Submission of gfsr Thesis Once all committee members have read your thesis and agree that it is acceptable for defense, you are ready to submit your thesis.

Your supervisor and committee will guide you throughout your program. The other members of the examining committee then question the candidate, again focusing on the academic substance of the thesis.

Timelines and Deadlines | Graduate Studies, University of Regina

Second, the External Examiner will review the thesis and determine if it is acceptable for defense. If a title of any thesis is to be altered from the edadlines thesis submitted for defense, then FGSR is to be notified.

When you submit your thesis electronically it will not be immediately released. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission. Students hoping to graduate in the spring must have the corrected thesis copies to FGSR no later than 4 p. FGSR will then forward instructions to the Chair of the defense. Make sure you read all the step needed thewis the pre-defense procedures.


Board deadlinea, P Ed. Master’s Thesis Submission Checklist. It is also appropriate to recognize the assistance provided by the thesis and members of the supervisory committee. We recommend you submit deadliness thesis a minimum of working days before any deadlineas corrections may be required. All full and part-time research students, including those registered on a validated research degree programme. For detailed instructions on this. For information about selecting a supervisor and what expectation you should have of fvsr see Graduate Supervision.

The thesis, with the forms listed below, can be submitted to grad. Submission of final corrected copies electronic for Library Approval following the thesis defense must be in the FGSR office no later than 4: Final versions of all University of Regina theses will only be briefly reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Again, the examiners are to concern themselves with the content of the thesis, leaving concerns about style, etc. Typically, the student and supervisor will consult with the rest of the committee deadline on a chapter-by-chapter basis, or once a full draft of the thesis has been completed.