Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Your grade will be evaluated based on your performance on quizzes, homework, mid-term exam, and final exam. Farid Tayari , Ph. It means keeping in sync with what’s going on in the course, staying on top of deadlines and assignments, asking for help when necessary, and taking every opportunity to interact with the content and the instructor. Demonstrate the concept of financial cost and opportunity cost of capital. Introduction Print Overview This lesson addresses the issues of constant, escalated values, nominal, and real prices, which are very important for project evaluation reaching several years into the future.

Every Penn State campus has an office for students with disabilities. Finish reading Chapter 7 of the textbook Go through Lesson 7. As with any other online community, the lack of physical interaction in an online classroom can create a false sense of anonymity and security. Finish reading Chapter 9 of the textbook. Just like other courses that have prerequisites, this course requires you to have certain technical specifications and knowledge. We monitor the discussion forum and respond to posts there. Students will learn and are expected to be able to perform oil, natural gas, and mineral reserve estimations and evaluate production decline characteristics using geometric and geo-statistical methods.

Write down what you don’t understand, and ask about it in the discussion boards. Learning Objectives At the successful completion of this lesson, students should be able to: Use a calendar program and set regular reminders for yourself. If you need to request an exception due to a personal or medical emergency, contact the instructor directly as soon as you are able.

eme 460 homework

Also, corporate and individual income tax, capital gains tax, tax credits, working capital and mining and petroleum project considerations will be reviewed. It means keeping in sync with what’s going on in the course, staying on top of deadlines and assignments, asking for help when necessary, and taking every opportunity to interact with the content and the instructor.


Investment Decision Making and Compound Interest Formulas Understand where the processes of investment decision-making. Late day 1 begins 1 minute after the stated due date and time, and each additional day starts 24 hours later. Be familiar with state tax considerations. Attendance This course will be conducted entirely online.

If you use any other browser, there will be pages containing equations that do not render properly. Queries sent after noon, Eastern Time on the day an assignment is due may not be responded to, so please don’t procrastinate! Our students come from all walks of life and have diverse life experiences.

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If you are affected by a weather-related emergency, please contact your instructor at the earliest possible time to make special arrangements. EME Course Schedule Printable Schedule Below, you will find a summary of the primary learning activities for this course and the associated time frames. If you need technical assistance at any point during the course, wme contact the HelpDesk for World Campus students or the IT Service Desk for students at all other campus locations. Uncertainty and Risk Analysis Understand how to conduct sensitivity analysis to analyze the effects of uncertainty.

Penn State takes great pride to foster a diverse and inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff.


Other excuses are not valid. Always send correspondence to All Course Faculty to ensure that any course assistants also receive the note. Be able to use rate of return, net value, and ratios methods to analyze mutually exclusive projects. You will be graded 2 extra points at the end of the term on the quantity and quality of your contributions to the discussion forum. Finish reading Chapter 1 of the textbook. Reading and Assignment Reading Read Chapter 8 of the textbook and the lesson content in this website for Lesson 8.


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Six specific steps to help you succeed in this course Intentionally schedule your time! Be able to conduct expected value analysis. Grades will be based on the following percentage this percentage is based on the total possible points earned by the student:.

Reading and Assignment Reading Read Chapter 3 of the textbook. Similar to the previous lesson, the introduction in this class will be based on examples, textbook reading, and assigned reading materials. Quality in – quality out.

eme 460 homework

The course will train students to apply cost engineering methodology for geo-resources including minerals, oil, natural gas and coal. By default, mixed content is blocked in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Understand nominal, period, and effective interest rates. It means making EME a regular part of your routine.