They started picking out and removing the older girls and younger women, some as young as ten, hitting the mothers who clung onto the girls with their rifles. El Salvador Civil War”. Lawyers of Tutela Legal reopened the case against the perpetrators, which continues today. May 7th, In response to pressure from the Truth Commission, Judge Portillo orders the judicial inspections of the sites where the El Mozote massacre took place. This interpretation infuriates Rosenthal. He picked up the canister and, heeding the plea on the handwritten copy, dictated the story to the Post.

The two had been the first reporters on the scene, where it was immediately clear that scores had been killed — most of the decaying bodies were still lying about. He had been hearing a steady stream of gunshots since the day before and he went next door to check in on his mother. Retrieved December 11, In , as part of the peace settlement established by the Chapultepec Peace Accords signed in Mexico City on January 16 of that year, the United Nations -sanctioned Commission on the Truth for El Salvador investigating human rights abuses committed during the war supervised the exhumations of the El Mozote remains by an Argentinian team of forensic specialists beginning November In , at the height of the Cold War, the new Reagan Administration rushed arms and funds to the army of El Salvador in a determined campaign to prevent the country from falling to leftist rebels the way Nicaragua had during the Carter Administration.

Aside from these eyewitnesses she interviewed a dozen other civilians who told her that their relatives had been killed by the Salvadoran soldiers.

Romero had survived the massacre himself by hiding in a cave above the town. But it should also be remembered because it was not unique. In response to outcry from the burgeoning Central American peace movement, Congress required the administration to certify that the Salvadoran regime was making progress on upholding human rights in order to continue to receive US dollars.


But none was mounted. Breaking Bank Issue Salvadoran Army, Atlacatl Battalion. Modify Your Dissent Issue The Post rewarded Guillermoprieto by promoting her to a full-time job in Washington as a reporter. Apart from the girls, whose screams could still be heard coming from the hills, they were the only ones still alive.

The battalion wasted no time. March 29, The judge investigating the El Mozote massacre notifies 18 former military officers of charges against them. At noon, the soldiers pulled young girls and women out of the house and took them to the hills outside the village, raping and killing them.

But nearly four decades later, the men responsible continue to walk free. The high-ranking officials include three retired Generals: Of these, were of children under the age of A World to Win Issue But she does not even recall discussing safety when she talked about the impending trip to guerrilla territory with Jim Hoagland, the assistant managing editor for foreign news, and Karen De Young, the foreign editor.

Some soldiers hesitated about killing children.

el mozote massacre case study

Evidence of the massacre brushed aside, Congress soon voted to affirm that progress and thus keep the Salvadoran killing machine humming. A later court decision overturned the amnesty for defendants suspected of “egregious human rights violations” but attempts by Salvadoran lawyers to reopen the case repeatedly failed.

Since De Young had covered the Nicaraguan Civil War and other Central American stories as a highly regarded correspondent, she and other Post editors were sensitive to the need in Washington to produce full evidence in any story exposing the brutality of the armies of anti-communist dictatorships in the region.


After a while, terrified children and crying infants were all that remained in the house. The perpetrators of the killing have never faced justice. The two had been the first reporters on the scene, where it was immediately clear that scores had been killed — most of the decaying bodies were still lying about.

It should be remembered for these reasons.

El Mozote Case Study

Both Guillermoprieto and Bonner published front-page stories detailing the massacre on January 26 — based in large part on their interviews with Rufina Amaya. And that this type of conduct isn’t tolerated. The soldiers returned for the older women, marching them in small groups to another house where soldiers waited to shoot them.

After an hour and a half, the villagers were allowed to go back into their massace. They shot dead residents there as they had done in El Mozote.

El Mozote massacre: Waiting for justice nearly 40 years later

This interpretation infuriates Rosenthal. She told the reporters masssacre the army had killed her husband and her four children, the youngest of whom was eight months old, and they lit the bodies on fire. The most damning evidence was exhumed in the sacristy.

Immediately after the report is released, Judge Portillo and the district attorney attempt to incorporate a false rumor about landmines in the zones where the El Mozote Massacre took place into the criminal investigation, effectively stalling case progress.

el mozote massacre case study