Entry Requirements Candidates must hold a relevant MA or Diplom University, Fachhochschule, or foreign equivalent and submit a research proposal as well as a declaration from the prospective supervisor. Since he is investigating sound and interaction design related questions through artistic installations, design works, research and theoretical publications. Research has demonstrated that there is a correlation between a person’s sound and weight or body density. List of supervisors General Procedure To Follow. These components can be fulfilled through teaching and seminars as well as through conference presentations and exhibitions, publications, workshops, essays and artistic work.

A particular insight was that abstract and affective qualities play an important role in interpretation and are often combined with concrete, indexical sounds. I’m currently finishing my master in computer science at the johannes kepler university. Asumi Kitahori was born in in Tokyo. Professionally, Julian has worked in gallery installation, community development projects in regional Australia, graphic design, film, events management and interior design in the hospitality industry. Born in Lisbon in , he combines a background in Computer Science with creative practice, teaching and research experience in interaction design and interactive art. This produces at least one direction of development or several directions of development and a suggestion can be made as to further developments in the future.

These are held on a regular basis multiple times per kunstkni and provide information concerning the following topics: Since I have been taking courses at the newly founded department of Interface Culture where Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Futurelab and various invited lecturers, are teaching the use of and critical approach towards new media within a very wide spectrum of possibility.

Born in Germany, studies since in Austria. In this thesis, I set out to explore design approaches and interpretations of sound in interactive commodities. Rosemary Lee’s artwork and writing have been presented internationally in exhibitions, conferences, and publications related to art, theory, and politics.

He’s projects deal with new ways of communication between humans and computers, disesrtation to imagine how the technology can be developed to an easier way of understanding from the point of view of the users. She also has taken part in several festivals, kknstuni, group artworks, theatre plays and shortfilms, both as an actress and as director.


Was born in in Austria and completed an undergraduate program in art before entering the University of Art and Design Linz. Sound offers many benefits for the design of such commodities, in particular because it offers an alternative to the visual display for the increasingly shrinking, even disappearing, computers.

We also emphasize different kinds of cooperation activities with local, regional and national industries.

Research has demonstrated that there is a correlation between a person’s sound and weight or body density. All areas – degree programmes: They define its theme and its overall impression.

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At the moment we hold about 50 bilateral agreements with partner schools all over the world. Actually his work is based on this concepts; using different disciplines and expression media as interactive and audiovisual installations, video-art, net-art, painting, sculpture or photography, being a multidisciplinary artist.

Consequently a historical background for the interactive media artworks has been created and illustrates how these already existing visual motifs are used and represented in interactive media art.

dissertation kunstuni linz

The university is defined as interface and integrated part of an international network of professional and academic communities. Further findings concern the relevance of establishing a source for sounds and attributing them to agency of human or machine.

We try to promote kunsthni sustainable quality culture in teaching and learning art and design at an academic level.

dissertation kunstuni linz

He also published a virtual tour through San Pietro. I have worked as a motion graphic designer for music videos, as a web designer.

dissertation kunstuni linz

Christa Sommerer and Prof. Hence, the university see it as their responsibility to qualify, stimulate and encourage professionals and researchers in the arts and culture who are aware of this fact and able to make relevant contributions to the cultural process within and beyond their respective fields.


If a co-operation agreement regarding PhD student supervision was concluded with another institution, duly authorised persons of this institution are equally entitled to act as supervisors. She is an exchange student from Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany.

Within this thesis the visual motifs in interactive media art are researched not just in the context of interactive media art globally, not just in the context of media art globally, but also in the context of traditional art.

This close relationship between message and medium always plays an important role in my work and ideas around the environment in which objects are approached occupy my time.

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In this regard, it has established strong cooperation partnerships with regional and international institutions, including the Linz Diesertation Electronica Center. PhD studies within this programme are closed for further admissions. I took part in several art projects as an art director and designer in Paris and Istanbul.

Originally interested in graphic design, he introduced himself in interaction design centred in interfaces. I studied Avand-Garde Art theory in early 20th.

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The University arranges at least one colloquium for PhD students per semester. Tiago may best be described as an interdisciplinary creative technologist. She likes to be aware of social and politics issues and to put the spotlight on them in a playful way, making them more visible but without the usual sense of oppression and apathy that kunstuin goes with those topics.