Institutionalization is focused at the macro-level: De Gaulle won very easily the 28 October referendum and the parliamentary elections on 18 and 25 November. In that post lie the core of things and the great part of the changes made. What guides the work is the hypothesis that the parliamentary system tends to a “presidentialization”, assuming, as already checked in this system of government, increasingly personalistic characteristics, contradicting its core focus on the structures and the party order. It is usual in French law for the simple present indicative to connote a requirement and not a simple option: At the beginning of my work I have engaged in the general concept of political systems.

What guides the work is the hypothesis that the parliamentary system tends to a “presidentialization”, assuming, as already checked in this system of government, increasingly personalistic characteristics, contradicting its core focus on the structures and the party order. The most appropriate comparator from the Presidential and majoritarian camp is Nigeria. Debates about democratization have not been sufficiently developed with the African context in mind. In practice it is viewed as optional, and the presidential post retains a clear supremacy. The model takes into account the valency, that is, positive, negative or neutral orientation of news coverage, which allowed us to identify the position of each of the newspapers in each category. The main part is given to the countries in which the minority governments are very frequent. Parliamentary system of government demands parliamentary competent parties.

That election, consequence of censorship of 5 October, put in place the polarization of political life in France. This situation disappeared after the legislative elections of The methodology applied was the categorical content analysis, which included 66 publications of the British newspapers The Times and The Présidentkelle during the preceding week to the general elections to the British Parliament in Under former practices, the government could link its continuance to the adoption of the legal texts.

The announcement of the referendum, which was preceded by few rumors in the summer, caused considerable présidentelle.

How are converged its presence and its development int the french constitutional thought urresponsabilité the thirties up to now? Dissension within parties can block the entire political system; the government cannot rely on its majority and fails in processing its proposals on the agenda of the parliament.


This possibility, even unused, of the National Assembly to bring down the government has a deep impact on the workings of the institutions.

Description du pouvoir législatif et exécutif

The fulfilment of these functions is limited by political and legal factors stemming from the nature of parliaments as political, not professional bodies and from their role in the national constitutional systems.

Thus, the media would behave sometimes as stages, dissertatlon as political actors, encouraging the americanization trend in campaigns around the world, with the lack of ideologization of disputes and the decline of party identification as common consequences, elements of the called “new electoral ambience”.

For example, the Constitution of Italy states that “The government has to appear before each chamber no later than ten days after its appointment to get a vote of confidence” This issue is very présidenfielle, just as relations Its own system of bodies became one of the most significant features of the Communities and later Union. Among these principles is included especially the principle separation of powers which is not too strictly interpreted, the sovereignty of Parliament and the specific relationships between the executive and legislature.

Trois caractéristiques du système parlementaire français – Persée

But after the presidential election of DecemberPrime Minister Georges Pompidouwho became, once again, the head of a third government, waited for the opening of the common session of the parliament in April to present his program, making a simple declaration followed by a debate without a vote, and thus without a commitment of responsibility, although he had a solid parliamentary majority.

It also can help rally MPs to stand-up to the opposition, and possibly force a critical coalition partner to renew its membership in the majority, as occurred with the RPR between and or the Communist Party irresposabilité and In contrast to article 10 which fixes a period of fifteen days for the promulgation présidrntielle laws, unanimously considered as an obligation of the president, article 13 does not set a deadline.

Lastly, the approval of the motion by the assembly does not strengthen the ability of the prime minister to stand-up to the president of the republic. The motion was filed on October 2, after General de Gaulle had announced on 30 September a referendum in accordance to Article 11 of the Constitution to organize the election of the President of the Republic by direct suffrage.


Parliamentary system of government demands parliamentary competent parties. Submitted by Renata Lopes renatasil82 gmail.

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Democratization is a fragile process, easily reversed when and where its advance is most recent. To date, censure has passed only once.

dissertation irresponsabilité présidentielle

In addition, it may be used on several successive readings of the same text. It is part of Title V: In diseertation case, this deliberation does not give the president, especially in a period of “cohabitation”, the power to prevent the commitment of his responsibility, except in the improbable case of a refusal to enter the question on the agenda of the Cabinet.

dissertation irresponsabilité présidentielle

However it was the procedure which was under attack, because De Gaulle choose to revise the constitution with the Article 11 and not with the Article 89 which requires the consent of parliament. However, we are forced to notice that the rationalization concept remains badly knows. It disappeared again between and when the socialist governments, whose support did not reach a majority in the parliament, no longer could resort to the vote of confidence except on a single specific occasion: The simple language and the grammar [ The circumstances of that vote are quite specific, it occurred at the end of the Algerian crisis, which affected the first years of the Fifth Republic, a kind of transitional phase in its history.

dissertation irresponsabilité présidentielle

Maurice Couve de Murville. The political benefit which it can obtain remains limited: So, there is still a Democratic way out. This is one of the most known clauses of the Constitution, often cited as a mere number, “article dissertztion De Gaulle, when inaugurated as prime minister under the Fourth Republic, promised he would include this procedure in the reform of the institutions.

Institutional separation of powers in the Union and its legitimacy, as well as the issue of vertical separation of powers among the Union and member states have substantial influence on the Union functioning.