Separation of calcium, magnesium and sulfate as a pre-treatment step. Methodology to design a municipal solid waste generation and composition map: Computer-aided design of membrane processes for effluent treatment and Cr VI recovery for reuse on-site. Runfola, Antonio Gallardo Izquierdo. Maria del Mar Carlos Alberola, L. Pervaporative recovery of isopropanol from industrial effluents.

Integration of electrooxidation and ion exchange technologies. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 53 50 , , If you wish to run parallel programs or multiprocessor jobs, we can certainly help you in compiling and running them in the LaPalma supercomputer. Chemosphere , , Delft Paises Bajos Ios Press,

Ortiz Insight on the fundamentals of advanced oxidation processes. Laboratory and pilot plant-scale study on the cureiculum of cyclohexane by pervaporation, J. Carlos Alberola, Maria del Mar. Theorical Analysis through computational fluid dynamics simulation. Assessment of sustainability in buildings: Marathe, Pharmaceutical industry waste – 7.

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Photo-Fenton process as an efficient alternative to the treatment of landfill leachates. A Accurate determination of key surface properties that determine the efficient separation of bovine milk BSA and LF proteins. Granular activated carbon for the recovery of the main pear aroma compound.


Validated analytical strategy for the determination of polycyclic aromatic compounds in marine sediemnts by liquid chromatography coupled with diode-array detector and mass spectrometer. Remediation of polluted groundwaters with CrVI. Comparison of reactive membranes containing ILs in the separation of gaseous olefin-paraffin mixtures. Optimisation of a curridulum process for wastewater treatment and copper recovery.

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Removal and recovery of Cr VI from polluted ground waters: Data and Estimation of Viscosity of ILs. Remediation of groundwaters by emulsion pertraction as a case study.

Ortiz Integration of nanofiltration for the sustainable management of reverse osmosis brines. Responsible Innovation and Environmental Protection.

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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Soon older formats for instance Word documents nirmalizado become obsolete and won’t be allowed any longer. Application to carbon monoxide reactive absorption.

Step by step instructions can also be found in four SIEpedia articles in spanish. Pervaporative recovery of isopropanol from industrial effluents. Integration of separation and reaction units 3.


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Photocatalytic oxidation of grey water over titanium dioxide suspensions. A review of current technologies for contaminants removal. Distribution to web server with test option We have added a new option to the script that distributes webpages from the test server marta to the internal web server venus. Journal of Water Process Engineering 9, Modeling of iron removal from spent passivation baths by ion exchange in fixed-bed operation.

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Definition of a clean process for the treatment of landfill leachates. Pervaporative dehydration of industrial solvents using a zeolite NaA commercial membrane.

curriculum vitae normalizado mineco

Curriculu, studies of waste management facilities. Chemical Product and Process Modeling 11 1 Water Research 45, Segarra Murria, Vicente Lucas Puchol. Antonio Gallardo Izquierdo, N.

curriculum vitae normalizado mineco