Some charges may apply in the circumstances described below: This is the final chance for authors to make any corrections to their paper, so it is vital that the proofs are checked thoroughly for any mistakes. The RAS Press Officer will be happy to assist with publicity and press releases in cases where submissions are likely to be of more general interest e. The first sentence should identify the original paper, which should be followed by a description of the error. They cover virtually every scenario.. Some charges may apply in the circumstances described below:.

A variety of author services are available from Oxford University Press. Appearance in Advance Access constitutes publication and establishes precedence. This author-pays open access service makes papers freely available to everyone, online and immediately upon publication, for a fee. If the editor decides to request modifications to a manuscript, the authors are allowed a maximum of six months to complete them in the first instance, and three months for any further rounds of revision. Solar masses and solar luminosities should use the subscript solar symbol and be set roman e. Both forms of supplementary material will be automatically added to the PDF generated by the system. Once these changes have been made the paper will be reconsidered.

Authors for whom English is not their first language should have their manuscript inspected by an English-speaking colleague. Numbering of equations should follow the convention 12 … throughout the whole paper, or 2. Displayed equations are ranged left i.

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The Milky Way has many satellite galaxies e. Comprehensive guide on how to format your cover letter in In this section, detailed instructions are given for the preparation of artwork which is suitable for professional publication and printing.


cover letter mnras

The processing of papers has two major — and largely separate — elements: Any colour files not printed in colour will be published as grey-scale in the paper journal and in colour on the web, free of charge.

Accept after revision — very minor changes, such as corrections to language or layout, are required. Please do not contact the publishers with queries about papers that are still under editorial review, or the editorial office about papers which are in production — the two stages are almost entirely separate and they will be unable to assist.

Numbering of equations should follow the convention 12 … throughout the whole paper, or 2. MNRAS also provides the option for authors to pay to make access free of charge to everyone, regardless of subscription status author-pays open access. Spelling and grammar Please use British English spellings — e.

Instructions for Authors: Sample Cover Letter

All fonts and any logos should be embedded as part of the file, and please use a common font like Times, Letrer or Helvetica for labelling. These should be followed by un-numbered Acknowledgements and References sections, with any Appendices appearing at the end after the list of references. If any catalogues, databases or scientific software are referred to in the paper, authors should ensure that those responsible for compiling them are properly credited.

A variety of author services are available from Oxford University Press. Where possible, please ensure that your figures are colour-blind friendly.

Instructions to Authors

Accept — the paper is immediately accepted for publication and forwarded to the publishers. The styles for journal articles, conference proceedings, textbooks and PhD theses are illustrated by the following examples:.


Some charges may apply in the circumstances described below:. Discounted rates are available for RAS Fellows rates available here. As an exception to this rule, personal names may be given in their native alphabet e. Authors should familiarize themselves with their obligations under the Editorial Code. Read a free collection of highly-cited articles published in and showcasing the top-quality research from MNRAS.

This is exactly what will be seen by the editor and referee, so if anything is missing or wrongly included it should be corrected now. Papers may be accompanied by online-only supporting information, such as long data tables, videos, additional figures, or supplementary appendices.

We’ve got tips to help you show your best self—and a cover letter sample you can use to Instructions to Authors 1 Overview 1. Manuscripts must be submitted as a single file containing all figures and tables, in a single line spaced format so that the length lftter the paper may be judged.

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For permission to reuse, please contact the rights holder. Job seekers frequently send a cover letter along with their curriculum vitae or applications for employment as a way of introducing themselves to My two nominees for senior editor are Alan Dennis and Carol Saunders. Chemical evolution of Enceladus, alias the Gaia Sausage.

No other key words may be used.