I must also thank Mary Jo Lynch and the other members of the Fyan Committee, who realized the value in my studying after-school homework-assistance programs and so granted me a Loleta D. In a similar process, the Hennepin County Library, in Minnesota, sponsored a two-day Future Search Conference to help the library envision programs to meet the needs of its several communities. Can you help me? The young adult librarian is present at all times to monitor activities and make referrals. Staff should also assess needs through a search of the existent literature, firsthand observation, and survey techniques.

Just visit our webpage, www. In fact, many public librarians feel that curriculum-based library services are best left to the schools. Provisions may include everything from simple school supplies to elaborate computer workstations, depending on community needs and the resources available. Homework; Calendar; Select Category. To meet the needs of their technologically underprivileged patrons, several libraries make computer access the central focus of their homework programs. At another, software hacking became so prevalent that staff resorted to checking out keyboards for inlibrary use.

Students also learn how to cooperate with adults and each other by spending afternoons in their local public library. High-school volunteers provide the homework assistance. To ensure that the new program is relevant to their needs, teen input was solicited through two focus groups and a survey.

Although after-school programs for younger kids tend to be motivated by a need to control overflowing numbers of library users, homework assistance for teens is usually instigated in hopes of attracting older kids who are reluctant to use the library.

Creating the Full-service Homework Center in Your Library – Cindy Mediavilla – Google Books

Get profiles on any public library in Texas A-I. Even volunteers are required to complete application forms that request information about past criminal centfr.


Separate Spaces To control the problem of excitable youth yomework other patrons after school, several homework programs are held in library meeting rooms located away from the public. In Castroville, California, homework-center staff work diligently with young Mexican immigrants to perfect new language skills.

The disks are then kept on file at the Family TLC to minimize the spread of computer viruses. The use of the equipment is readily apparent, as is a belief that computer-literate students will one day make the country more economically competitive. No wonder, then, that the public library became something of a haven for students of all ages in the post—World War II era. Homework staff are also forbidden from giving students a ride home.

At what castriville do schools let out? Likewise, in Bloomington, Indiana, math help is available at the library on Monday nights only, because of limited resources. Not only are the latter group of students more likely to succeed academically, but they are also much more self-confident. Bailey surmised, after studying public library homework centers in Los Angeles County, was that students received personalized assistance from someone who had the time to explain directions and assignments and define vocabulary.

Bazan Library Event Type s: College preparation is an important component of the Castroville program. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the most effective after-school homework programs are those that make a priority of training new and continuing staff.

On what days do school holidays usually fall? Previous experience working with youth, either in a paid or voluntary capacity, is also highly desirable.

castroville library homework center

The first step in measuring the effectiveness of a homework center is to clearly state a set of goals and objectives—that is, proposed outcomes—for the program. Although all the homework centers I visited are worthy of commendation, these ten libraries have been singled out because they represent a variety of model programs, ranging from shoestring operations run on very little money to fully funded projects.


At one library, tutors and students often discuss contemporary issues such as gang violence and drugs. Developing a Theme A theme is necessary to capture the uniqueness of the homework center. At the County of Los Angeles Public Library, staff recommend that homework hoework be visible to enhance security.

Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library

Fortunately, outside agencies seem most amenable to funding library projects that promote computer access. Ages only, please. They must all undergo background checks and become certified.

Cesar Chavez Librarys paletero cart serves Salinas. Today the program is sponsored by the New Rochelle Board of Education, who pays for the Teacher in the Library service. Still, not all homework activity goes on exclusively inside the library. Here honor students are hired by the Youth Employment Partnership, which then castriville them in the library as after-school ccastroville assistants.

castroville library homework center

The fewer staff available to oversee the program, the less hours the homework center is open. The high schoolers not only gain a sense of pride from serving centerr community, but their own learning is reinforced as they help others study. The few pieces that do exist are descriptive rather than evaluative, limiting their usefulness as planning tools. In Oakland, on the other hand, castrovlile access to materials in both Spanish and English gives bilingual students twice the resource options when researching especially popular topics.