It is important for the bullying cases to be handled quickly and efficiently before they bring more damages when they become too serious Antibullying, n. A good example of this is when a group of boys at baseball practice decide to go to a fast food place to eat. Effects of bullying regard every person that is somehow involved in the act — either by participating or witnessing it. Therefore, children adopt such behavioral patterns and simulate it with their peers. The parents can become more involved in the lives of the child to ensure that they are able to notice the instances of bullying. The parents and the school officials had not done enough to stop the bullying even though they knew the extent it had gone into.

Bullying, victimization, and peer harassment: They are however antisocial, defiant and badly behaved. Victims may not want to go to school and, if they do, may not be able to focus as a result of depression. The parents can become more involved in the lives of the child to ensure that they are able to notice the instances of bullying. Measures that can be taken involve gathering evidence and contacting law enforcement. Aside from being tormented online, she was also physically assaulted by the girlfriend of the boy she slept with and was rushed to the hospital afterward for drinking bleach.

bullying essays thesis

This is particularly bent on the fact that much as many students go through this, some of the experiences esssys pass through in the dssays affect them adversely later in life. Why physical bullying exists is varied.

Bullying can lead to such psychological effects as low self-esteem, loneliness, and increased potential to lapse into illness. Legal action may also include applying for an injunction against the bullies to prevent them from bullying the victim.

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The injunction can be used to instill fear upon the bully and hence stopping them from bullying the victim. The third form of bullying is physical.


bullying essays thesis

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Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! When the bullying also takes place outside the school compound, the parents and teachers together with the community can cooperate with the police to prevent and stop it. thdsis

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Teachers and the school administrators can also help identify the areas that are used by the bullies to attack the victims since they mostly do so in private and hidden areas.

Regardless of the reasons, physical bullying is a dangerous form of bullying that should be handled thesid the proper authorities in order to avoid additional problems from arising.

In school, things had been thrown at her, while her face had been scribbled in her photographs that were hung on the school walls. There are three types of aggressive action ewsays other people: They can help the child speak out when they are being bullied.

Those who are constantly bullied can be pushed to the breaking point, where they could end up hurting themselves or others. The need for these laws has been necessitated by the increase in the number of suicides cases that have been reported. Parents have been known to have views on bullying that encourage the practice even further especially if it is their child who is bullying others.

Answered Mar 25, Therefore, children adopt such behavioral patterns and simulate it with their peers. Related Questions What is a good thesis statement about bullying? Others, on the other hand, may be of the opinion that the victim deserved the bullying Sampson, Emotional Verbal Physical These three stages culminate in each other, and finally, all the action finishes badly.


To stop bullying, it is important to recognize the signs, to make bullying a thing of the past, not the present or future. By people understanding and stressing their own personal boundaries, it may help them avoid dealing with a verbal bully.

Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Bullying is usually defined as an aggressive behavioral pattern among school-aged children and teenagers that implicates apparent power imbalance.

They may also feel less accountable for the actions that are going on when they are in a group. The legal system rarely deals with cases of bullying though there are some laws that have been set up to fight against it.

bullying essays thesis

Is this a good thesis statement for discussion essays which do not ask for opinion ” In this essay, I will discuss both aspects of XYZ in dept Counseling can be used to help the children deal with the issues at home and reduce their chances of taking out their problems or anger on other students Banks, They require the schools to develop anti-bullying policies and programs Clabough, Taking in consideration violence emotional and verbal assaults towards an individual it is vividly shown how these small tricks became the ground to the crime actions.

The school is not the only place where people are bullied; every social establishment and community is a great field for experiments with aggressive conduct.