Distal humeral hemiarthroplasty alters cartilage contact mechanics, which may predispose to osteoarthritis. Prosthetic joint infection PJI is a feared complication. A previous report described difficulty retrieving a trial cup. Hopefully, continued advances in the evaluation and treatment of knee dislocations will improve the long-term outcomes for these patients in the. Conditional logistic regression analyses on dislocation. According to the direction of dislocation of sacroiliac joint,combined iliac,sacral fractures,and fracture morphology,sacroiliac joint dislocation was classified into 4 types. There was 1 complication, a transient ulnar nerve neurapraxia that resolved without intervention.

Bipolar hip arthroplasty is a good option for treating femoral neck fractures, although some contraindications have been indicated. The overall Neer satisfaction. Citation of the NIMH is appreciated. The mean abductor power and Koval category was 4. Fifteen patients were lost to follow-up. No revision due to loosening or pain was needed for any patient.

bipolar hemiarthroplasty thesis

We compared the biomechanical characteristics of bipolar and unipolar hemiarthroplasty on the proximal migration of the outer bioplar by determining the von Mises stress distribution and acetabular outer head displacement with clinical assessment of hemiarthroplasty in 75 patients. These findings were supported by clinical results. Primary articulation of bipolar hemiarthroplasty systems is at the femoral head-liner interface.

We retrospectively reviewed cases that underwent revision surgery of HA between and This study suggests that glenoid cartilage erosion can be expected routinely after humeral head replacement in young, active individuals, and that such wear may adversely affect function or necessitate conversion to total shoulder arthroplasty.

Solute atmospheres at dislocations. The results demonstrate reduced functional performance compared with the designer series.

Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate outcome of cementless HA with fixation for the trochanteric fragments using monofilament wires in unstable intertrochanteric fracture.


bipolar hemiarthroplasty thesis

Thirty-four patients with 35 hemiarthroplasties were included. We easily removed our hemiarthrolasty cup using another approach. The aim of this thesis was to analyze hip function and the health-related quality of life HRQoL in patients with tnesis displaced fracture of the femoral neck treated with a cemented total hip arthroplasty THA or a hemiarthroplasty HAunipolar or bipolar.

Recently, reverse engineered implants have been proposed which are intended to promote more natural contact mechanics by reproducing the native bone or cartilage shape.

These loading conditions stem from different activities such as walking, and standing. A previous report described difficulty retrieving a trial cup.

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Finally, bipolar electrochemistry enables mobile electrodes, dubbed microswimmers, that are able to move freely in solution. The dislocation was caused in by an hemiarturoplasty hyperextension injury resulting of falls from heights in three cases, and of a motorcycle accident in a further case.

She had an uneventful, good recovery. Placing the patient’s knee over the shoulder, and holding the lower leg like a ‘Rocket Launcher’ allow the physician’s shoulder to work as a fulcrum, thus mechanically and ergonomically superior to standard techniques. Prospectively collected data between January and June was used, with medical record and radiographic reviews performed.

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Thirty patients did not present any pain The periphery of the matrix is traction-free, thus introducing an image solute field which generates a solute-solute interaction energy that has not been considered previously. Effectiveness of multimodal pain management after bipolar hemiarthroplasty for hip fracture: Given our poor understanding of reverse shoulder arthroplasty longevity, this procedure should remain an option for patients with glenoid arthrosis and an intact rotator cuff.


Mayo Elbow Performance Score, Resorption of the greater tuberosity was seen radiologically in 18 patients. Moreover, the purpose was to analyze factors influencing the stability of the THA with special reference to the surgical approach and to evaluate the responsiveness of the Short Musculoskeletal Function Assessment SMFAi.


The total amount of fentanyl used and the frequency of use of patient-controlled analgesia were also lower in Group I. In hemiarthroplastya metallic femoral prosthesis is used to articulate against the natural acetabular cartilage.

Case 1 was a year-old man with a Garden IV femoral neck fracture who underwent hemiarthropllasty right hip unipolar cemented hemiarthroplasty under general anesthesia.

We identified patients who underwent revision of painful hemiarthroplasty to total shoulder arthroplasty over a year period in a single tertiary-care health system. Bipolar disorder can be treated with a number of medications. A press fit modular bipolar hiparthroplasty was performed in a young adult male with nonunion fracture neck of the femur secondary to initial fixation using 6.

Thirty-three of 47 patients were included in the final analysis mean age Results Sixty-two patients were followed for a minimum of 2 years mean, 59 months postoperatively. Thus, hemiarthroplasty was the dominant treatment.

Female patients predominated A lateral collateral ligament reconstruction was simulated.