Most people learn more from mistakes than from doing well all the time. If you do not understand why you got the mark you did, you are entitled to go back to your tutor for further explanation. Part 3 15 marks Review your notes on all the Block 2 activities and reflect on the process of contributing to your TGF during this block. For this TMA, you are not required to obtain information yourself about your chosen organisation. Further guidance about choosing a suitable organisation is provided below.

It may be helpful to think about the learning outcomes of the module when you are working on your assignments, because they are a convenient way to remind yourself of the things the module team is hoping you will learn from your study. If you are not able to choose an organisation on either of these bases, then you can use one for which you can access information that is in the public domain. This means that we have a number of expectations about what feedback your tutor will offer you. Refer to the guidance on word counts, the use of diagrams and appendices, and referencing, in Sections 1. For assignments that are divided into parts with their own word limits, if the total length is not excessive you are unlikely to be penalised if part-limits are exceeded — but it is also likely that the quality of the answers will have suffered. For this you will need to use concepts covered in Block 3, in particular Session 26 of Block 3 and Chapter 2 in the textbook by Dibb and Simkin. All six TMAs follow a similar three-part format.

What you are doing in this TMA is providing examples of detailed organisational practice as evidence for the extent to which theories and theory-based concepts you have learned about in Block 2 appear to apply. You may be guided by the word categorizing chart on page In this TMA sufficient information has been made available for you to compare and interpret the ratios of Dixons Retail plc and industry averages.

The students are expected to produce an essay that demonstrates adequate grammar control and mechanics, show evidence of editing and use yma vocabulary items relevant to the topic they are writing on.


Try to present your analysis as concisely as you can. Have I demonstrated critical evaluation and analysis by presenting coherent arguments? You may need to brainstorm your ideas individually or in the class as a class activity.

b203 tma 02 essay

You will demonstrate some of the information literacy skills from Activity 4. Some issues affecting demand are of interest to the media e. You also need to be able to obtain enough relevant information in the time available to write each TMA.

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Part 2 10 marks Review the TGF discussions in response to the third Dixons Retail case study activity and functional brief. Because your assignments are submitted electronically you will, of course, word-process these, but do not underestimate the importance of the appearance of your work. Because TMAs 02—06 of B address key functional activities, the organisation you choose needs to demonstrate all five functions in action. Your answers should have a clear structure and fully answer the questions in a coherent and organised manner.

If you are a sole trader your business is almost certainly not a suitable choice. Suppliers 8 marks 4. The overall length expected in your response exsay the TMA tasks will be specified in the TMA, and your response should not exceed this length. You should not need to contact rssay chosen organisation directly, especially if you have been gathering information about it for previous TMAs. In order to complete Part 1 of this TMA you will need to return to the study of your chosen organisation. As explained in the B Module guide, the weighting for TMA 01 is relatively low because it comes early in the module and develops your skills for the later TMAs.

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Tja answer to Part 1 of TMA 02 should be approximately words, and it would be advisable to divide this to reflect the marks tmaa, i. Completed assignments also provide an opportunity for your tutor to comment on the quality of your communication skills as shown by your written work, and the way in which you have presented the material, as well as awarding a mark. If you need assistance to get started you can consult your tutor.


When applying theory to an answer follow this approach: The time to read the question before you start working through the relevant course material. All six TMAs follow a similar three-part format. However, for this first TMA please focus simply on informing your tutor about things that have gone well in Block 1 and areas where tam would like help before getting further into the module.

b203 tma 02 essay

If you have the EMA question at the start of the course then read it then. Part 3 15 marks Review your notes on all the Block 4 activities and reflect on the process of contributing to your TGF during this block.

B203 tma 02 essay

DO pay attention to the mark allocation for each question, your word count and time should reflect the marks available for each part. Part 1, words; Part 2, words; Part 3, words. You may also find Sessions 5 The operations function and 6 Introducing the operations case studies useful. We expect your tutor to give you an overview of your performance on each tja, which offers you a summary of its strengths and weaknesses and gives advice in a friendly and supportive manner on how to improve for your next assignment.

Refer to the guidance on word counts, the use of diagrams and appendices, and referencing in Sections 1. When you include diagrams and tables, check that your tutor will be able to read them as clearly as you intend! Your answer should make reference to publicly available information about the organisation.